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Zilis UltraCell Review: Is It Worth It

Zilis UltraCell CBD has been in the news lately with several positive consumer reviews based on a 7-day trial of the product. Participants recorded the effects that CBD oil had when adopted into their routines for 7 days. The reviews provide insight into how your days may feel when you take CBD oil and the health effects that the oil may have. Here’s a review of Zilis to find out if it is worth it. 

What is in Zilis UltraCell CBD? 

Unlike other CBD oil brands, Zilis UltraCell CBD oil is water-soluble. Water-soluble oils are absorbed by the body more efficiently. Besides, the product contains a combination of vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids. There’s a misconception that CBD oil contains properties that will make a person high. Zilis UltraCell doesn’t have the psychoactive compound that’s needed for the high effect. The compound that causes the high is Tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH). CBD products are allowed to contain a maximum of 0.3% THC. However, Zilis UltraCell CBD oil contains 0% TCH. Buy IT CBD has a host of these natural products that you can check out. 

Zilis UltraCell CBD 7 Day Challenge

Participants took note of the emotional, mental, and physical states of their wellbeing for 7 days. Participants took CBD oil in the form of drops and applied creams. Participants experienced the tangible effects of taking Zilis UltraCell. Before they began the 7-day challenge, they felt sluggish, exhausted, foggy, drained, and stiff.  

The general feedback about the first day of the challenge is that the participants felt a lot calmer than usual at the end of the day. As the challenge progressed, some expressed that they had heightened energy levels to go through the day. Others enjoyed the calmness that came with the easing of anxiety that they normally experienced. Those who suffered from sleep problems like insomnia said that they experienced sound sleep after taking Zilis UltraCell CBD oil. The overall feedback of Zilis UltraCell is positive

Health effects: Is it worth it? 

Besides the immediate positive effects with 7 days usage, Zilis UltraCell CBD oil can also positively affect your health in the long-term. The oil contains properties that are beneficial for the prevention of illness and may also help in curing some diseases. Here’s a list of the health benefits you can experience by taking Zilis UltraCell CBD oil.

  1. Healthy Skin 

CBD oil is appreciated for the moisturizing properties that it contains. Infused with aloe, your skin may feel smooth and rejuvenated. If dry skin is not your only worry and you’re concerned about the rapid formation of wrinkles on your face and body, CBD oil can be your natural remedy for this issue. Gently applying CBD oil cream on the affected areas may lead to a smoother appearance and keep aging at bay. 

Hot and sunny days are great for sunbathing. The possible side-effects of this relaxation, however, are burning and chapping of skin. You can avoid sunburn by applying CBD oil on your body before sunbathing sessions. The oil contains properties that can protect your skin from direct exposure and heat. If you’ve already been exposed to direct sun rays and have suffered from sunburn, CBD oil can provide relief. Apply CBD oil on the affected areas for relief, damage control, and repair. 

  1. Healthy Hair

If you experience hair loss, hair breakage, balding, and brittle hair, CBD oil may be a natural solution for your hair problems. Including CBD oil into your hair care regimen may produce positive results. The properties that are contained in the oil work to improve hair texture. Also, your hair may become more moisturized and the dead hair follicles may get restored. Hair loss may be indicative of underlying health problems. It’s important to ask for medical advice if you experience constant hair loss. Don’t solely rely on CBD oil in such cases. 

  1. Pain Relief 

Body aches are a result of daily pressures, working out, and body injuries. Aging can also bring about joint pains throughout the body. CBD oil may tackle inflammation in the body, thereby providing pain relief. You can gently apply the oil on the body parts that are aching for relief. Alternatively, you can take drops of CBD oil from the bottle dropper or you can include CBD oil into foods and snacks such as gummies. Products like gummies make the intake of CBD oil more enjoyable. 

  1. Blood Pressure and Heart Health 

When the body experiences inflammation, the circulation of blood throughout the body is restricted. The heart needs to work extra hard to overcome the restrictions and ensure proper circulation. Linked to this, are the high levels of blood pressure which can lead to organ failure and stroke if left unattended. CBD oil may prevent these health issues because of its properties that prevent and ease inflammation in the body. If you already have blood pressure and heart problems, you must continue to seek medical guidance. CBD oil can’t be a replacement for medical intervention. 


Currently, there is no medically prescribed dosage of CBD oil. The general advice is that you must begin with a low dosage and monitor the effects every 3 days. A low dosage means 2 – 5 mg three times daily. Depending on how you respond, a normal dosage of CBD oil is pegged at 1 – 6 mg for every 10 lbs of body weight. Responses to CBD vary from one person to another. The effects vary based on various factors such as health status, type of oil, and consistency. You’re advised to talk to your medical practitioner before taking CBD oil. 


Zilis UltraCell CBD oil has so far been appreciated by those who have participated in the 7-day trial. From heightened energy throughout the day to calming effects to good quality sleep and health benefits, it’s a must-try product. Remember, responses vary from one individual to the next. Also, you must get a go-ahead from your medical practitioner if you’ve got any health issues. Don’t stop seeking medical treatment while you enjoy the effects of CBD.

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