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What To Know About Resolution Cleaners

No matter how you choose to take cannabis, keeping it neat and hygienic is extremely important. With COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout the world, sanitizing your paraphernalia should be regularly done. The only coughing fit you want to have is from a good toke and not a deadly virus.  

In choosing the right method to clean a grinder, bong, and other materials, the main priority should be to completely eliminate germs and viruses. Cleaning will also allow your smoking devices and other accessories to last longer.

However, efficiently cleaning up your grinder can be tricky and complicated if you don’t know the materials you need and how to use them. Some longtime users of bongs swore by Isopropyl alcohol and salt, but this is a bad idea as alcohol can be harmful to your health and the environment. Dumping Isopropyl alcohol into the sink or even the toilet is illegal in some places like California because it’s not only toxic to people but also the environment. Besides, alcohol and salt can wear down your equipment due to its abrasive nature. 

Instead, go for a cleanser that’s completely safe for people, animals, and the environment. Most smokers use Resolution Gel Cleaner for good reasons. Its popularity has skyrocketed so much so that it’s always sold out. If it’s your first time hearing about these products, we’ll brush you up on the details. 

The first thing you need to know is that this product was formulated specifically to clean up bongs, pipes, grinders, rigs, steamrollers, bowls, stems, jars, tools, chillum, clothes, and even your hands. But there are other reasons why it’s just the top choice for gear cleanup.  

resolution grinder cleaner
  1. Safe And Environmentally Friendly 

Unlike alcohol and salt, it’s non-abrasive and non-toxic so that it won’t harm your respiratory system or the environment.  

Alcohol is 100% Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), while Resolution Gel Cleaners are only 3% VOC.  

  1. Affordable And Easy To Use 

People tend to stock up on Resolution products—these are always sold out because they’re so affordable. Plus, you’ll also save time because this solution cleans resin and tar off of your smoking equipment in as fast as 60 seconds.  

 Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the solution:  

  • Step one: Shake up the bag to activate the solution. 
  • Step two: Pour it into the glass piece and let it sit for 30 seconds. 
  • Step three: Put disassembled parts and other small components in the bag and let it sit for another 30 seconds. 
  • Step four: Rinse all pieces with warm water and let dry. 
  • Step five: Reseal the bag and keep it in a safe place. 
  1. Smart Packaging  

The packaging is also great as it’s resealable. You don’t have to transfer the product into another container or worry about spilling it all over the place.  

  1. Reusable 

After you’ve cleaned your grinder, bong, and other paraphernalia, you can save the used gel solution for your next clean up. You can store the reusable solution back in its bag and use it again up to 15 times.   

  1. Complete Set And Accessories

The whole brand also has all kinds of cleaning sets and accessories, making cleaning a breeze. It’s especially convenient to purchase complete kits that come at a lower price than buying each item separately. This is a great gift option for those who need help in keeping their smoking devices clean.  

Why You Need To Clean Your Grinder 

A grinder will deteriorate faster if you don’t clean it up thoroughly. You might find it difficult to screw open or close if the threading gets jammed with resin. If anything, you need to be mindful of the resin build-up. It can break the seal and teeth and even pop off the bottoms or lids of grinders. 

Keeping the screen unclogged might seem like a hassle if you don’t clean your grinder regularly. But this is necessary if you want to collect more Kief. Just like most things in life, caring for and maintaining your grinder regularly will help it function better.  

Reasons To Clean Your Bongs And Pipes

Using a bong is preferred by many people because of its many benefits. But unlike merely using edibles or rolling it up into a joint, using a smoking device requires care and maintenance. 

Still, the price and type of your bong don’t matter—getting it dirty is inevitable. When this happens, it can get messy because the discolored water may spread everywhere. You don’t have to worry since bongs are easier to clean than stained clothing, so regularly washing your bong is a priority.

Keeping your bong clean has other benefits:  

  • Cleaner: A good toke also relies on how clean the smoke is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what kind of smoke you put in your lungs, since it’s still going to cause some harm. But you can reduce the adverse effects by inhaling clean smoke, and you can’t do this if you don’t clean your bong. If you use an unwashed bong, the residues from your last smoking session will get mixed in, and become more harmful to your lungs.  
  • Better: Moreover, cleaning your bong also allows you to taste the bud better, and the smoker has a better chance of getting the full effect. That’s why getting the leftover resin entirely out of your bong after each use is not only crucial for grinders but bongs too. 
  • Smoother: The main reason why some people prefer bong is that it produces a smoother drag—no coughs and tickles in the throat. You can change the water more often, but it’s still going to accumulate dirt no matter what. Thus, it’s best to keep your bong clean. It’s also a necessary part of owning one to avoid staining and clogging in percolator bongs.


Cleaning your smoking gear is probably not as fun as having a smoking session itself. But it’s always necessary to keep your smoking paraphernalia clean so they can function better, reduce the harmful effects to your lungs, and eliminate germs and viruses. If you want an easy, safe, and affordable solution, you should absolutely go for Resolution cleaners. 

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