how to use your weed stems and seeds

Weed Stems and Seeds: What Can You Do With Them?

Smoking marijuana can be fun but it often leaves behind a lot of byproducts that one isn’t always sure what they should do with. For example, some of the most common things left behind by smoking cannabis are weed stems and weed seeds.

Most people who smoke are looking to recycle all of their leftovers. Byproducts of cannabis often have their own value that can be utilized in different products or further smoking or absorption experiences.

If you have been throwing away these parts of the marijuana bud but have been curious as to whether or not they can be used in their own way, take a look at the article below. You will learn more about how these stems and seeds can be used after you finish smoking all of your cannabis flowers.

Marijuana Tea from Stems and leaves
Marijuana Tea from Stems and leaves

What Are Weed Stems and Seeds?

Weed stems and seeds are parts of the plant that you will definitely encounter at some point in your smoking journey. Stems are some of the most common parts of the plant that the flowers are attached to. You will easily be able to spot these parts of the plant as they are long, skinny, and are separate from the buds themselves. This can be easily seen once the bud is removed from the rest of the plant matter.

While you will not commonly find seeds in your marijuana, this does happen on occasion. You will see these pop up as small brown or grey, solid objects that aren’t any normal part of the plant that you would be able to identify. Both of these parts of the cannabis plant can be found in your bud and these are the two that we will focus on throughout this article.

Can You Smoke Weed Stems?

If you’ve ever been curious or in a situation where you were running low on cannabis and unable to get more, you have most likely thought to yourself, can I smoke these weed stems?

Regardless of whether or not you have gone the extra mile and tried it out, the answer to this question is, absolutely not, you’re better off just buying some more cheap weed. Smoking stems is not recommended for several reasons. Here are a couple of the main ones.

It Can Cause Headaches

Weed stems are notorious for giving users bad headaches and ones that are known to linger. very similar to smoking resin. This is especially true if you are someone who is prone to developing headaches or migraines throughout the day. If you are trying to avoid getting a headache or a migraine, smoking marijuana stems is not a good idea.

It’s Bad for Every Part of Your Body

From the mouth to the lungs, weed stems are not human-friendly. First, they taste terrible and provide no pleasure for those who smoke them. Once in the body, the smoke is as bad as tobacco smoke. They can be even more dangerous due to the fact that it constricts airways because it is not meant to be smoked.

Even the digestive system is affected. Once the smoke enters your body, you open yourself up to the possibility of nausea, vomiting, and stomach pains. Overall, smoking stems provides no health benefits or desirable effects.

what to do with weed stems

It Contains No THC

If you’ve read all of the above information and are still tempted to try it out, know that stems contain virtually no THC. It would need to be decarboxylated first which will turn THCA into THC. Weed stems have no visible levels of THC and will not give you the psychoactive high that you are looking for. When combined with the side effects above, it is clear to see why this would is not desirable for anyone.

What Can You Do With Stems & Leaves?

Some people who grow their own cannabis will have leaves leftover after they prune their plant. So, if you are unable to smoke them, what can you do with your leftover marijuana stems and leaves? It turns out that stems can be reused in a number of ways so that you can benefit from them as well as your cannabis. Here are a few of the most common ways that stems are reused.

Make Cannabutter With Stems

You may be thinking, how will cannabutter be a useful product if the stems contain almost no THC? True, while weed stems do not have a high level of THC, it takes quite a bit of the material in order to make your own products. The cumulative effect of all the material will help to provide a more mild effect for users.

Typically, you will have to heat the plant stems for a while on their own and then heat them in the butter of your choice to make sure that the active ingredients go into the substance. This is called decarbing or decarboxylate. However, you will be able to find your own recipe after researching the topic online. Now you can eat your cannabis edibles without wasting any bud!

Cocktails and Alcohol Drinks

Most people will settle for smoking and drinking but if you feel a bit adventurous, you can add a little something extra to your liquor. As with making cannabis butter, you typically have to heat up your plant matter, add it to the alcohol and let it settle for a bit so that it properly mixed together. It is a good idea to find a recipe that speaks to you before you begin as the wrong mixture can result in wasted alcohol. It’s possible you may find that your chosen mixture doesn’t taste as great as you initially thought.

green dragon cannabis liquor alcohol
Green Dragon – Cannabis Liquor Alcohol

Stem Hash Oil

You can easily take the above ideas to make a hash oil that can be used for vaping or for taking directly for different benefits. With these kinds of products, you generally have to first heat the plant matter and then add it to your choice of oil. Once it is combined, you will let it heat and mix for a couple of hours. You can then filter out all of the plant material. Then you have an oil that can be further mixed or used directly!

Make Cannabis Tea or Hot Cocoa

Another unlikely product to think about making is cannabis teas and hot cocoas using your leftover stems. These products are easy to make as well. All you have to do is heat up the plant matter and then apply it to your teabag or add it to a hot chocolate mix with a fatty oil. If the flavor is too overpowering, simply add more flavoring until it’s less detectable.

Bubble Hash

If you have some extra time on your hands, you may want to look into making bubble hash. Bubble hash is a type of hash that is produced when frozen plant matter is added to cold water to separate the psychoactive ingredients from the physical material. It then goes through several filtering processes to get a more concentrated form of THC. This is a time-consuming process but you may want to look into if you want to get the most out of your leftover weed stems.

Make a Hemp Wick

Whether you’re a candle-lover or someone who prefers to use hemp wicks as a way to light your bud so that you don’t have to deal with the negative effects of butane, you can make candle wick out of your stems as well.

The process is a little more complicated than the simple description we will provide. All you have to do is strip down your weed stems into smaller fibers, twist them around each other, and secure them using beeswax. You now have a healthy, safe wick to burn when you need a flame!

Make Your Own Topical

Remember how we recommended that you make your own oils earlier in the article? You can use this same method to make your own topical creams that can then be rubbed in the skin to provide certain benefits. You can take the oil that you make and then add it to other essential massage oils. You can even combine it with lotions and creams that you can rub on your body once the mixture sets.

weed seeds

What Can I Do With My Seeds?

As with marijuana stems, cannabis seeds are relatively versatile. Whether you want to start growing your weed plants or sell your seeds (make sure that this is legal in the state that you live in first), prepare the seeds and eat them as you would with hemp seeds. You can also try to extract the oils in the seeds. You are guaranteed to find a way to get the most out of your marijuana seeds so that you are not forced to throw them away and waste them.


Seeds from cannabis plans are also very high in protein. Plant based products are generally a great source of protein. They are good for the body and very easy to digest. Farmers used to use the seeds to feed their livestock.

Omega Fatty Acid

Seeds from your weed are very vital to your organ health and entire body. Some of them are not produced by the human body. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are the main ones you want.


The best part about cannabis is that you would be hard pressed to find any part of the plant that couldn’t be used for something else. If you have been specifically looking for ways to use that ever-growing pile of weed stems and seeds that you have been gathering, the ideas provided above should be more than enough to get you started.

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