What Are The Right Vape Pens For The Beginners In 2020?

Vaping pens are so much in fashion today. This device for smoking is easy to use and comes in different styles, kinds, shapes, sizes, and designs. You can explore a variety of vaping pens and find the most-suited one. For veterans, vape pens are a very common accessory or device of smoking. But if you are a beginner, you must always be very particular about finding the most suited device. 

It is not so easy to choose the best vaping kit for you if you are a beginner. There are many things that you need to consider whilst buying the best one for you. Firstly, you must always choose a trustworthy platform to buy your device. Choosing a trustworthy source makes sure that your vaping pen is authentic in terms of quality. Secondly, you must not ignore the price of the vaping pen. As a beginner, it is recommended to invest in pocket-friendly devices over the costly ones. Once you are well-versed with the concept of using this accessory, you can exceed your budget and invest in more expensive and good-looking devices. Thirdly, it is always recommended to buy a functional device over the one that comes with many features. 

You can explore a variety of vaping pens on both online as well as offline platforms. If you are looking forward to buying your accessory from an online source, explore a range of vaping pens sold by Bigadaddysmoke. This platform fulfills all the above-mentioned points that you are supposed to consider while buying a vaping device. 

Here are the top vaping kits that you can try as a beginner: 

  1. VaporFi Vaio Go: 

This one is the best device for all the beginners. Instead of a separate battery and tank sections, this device combines all the features together to give you an easygoing experience while handling this kit. The pen comprises an atomizer and an alternate mouthpiece to help you with open draws. The coil also has different styles. The in-built tank of this pen can hold 3 ml of e-juice. This is surely a must-try product for all the beginners. 

  1. Smok Stick V9 Max Starter Kit: 

This vape kit combines the advantages of mods in terms of performance along with the simplicity of the basic vaping pens. Thus, this product is one of the best kits to choose for a beginner. The kit provides for a single button for the operation that saves you from the hassle of using the product. The performance of this pen is top-notch. The battery can work well throughout the day and you will barely want to charge it. The best feature of this kit is its tank that holds a capacity of 8.5 ml. 

  1. Innokin Coolfire Mini: 

If you want a vaping kit that comes with flexibility and portability, this is the best option to invest in. The device offers variable wattage vaping sessions. This feature of the pen makes it distinct from all the other devices. This is one of the best devices to invest in if you are looking for a mouth-to-lung vaping device. The airflow system in this product can be adjusted according to your preference. This device works well in a low power setting as well. Thus, you can make the most out of this product without consuming a lot of battery. The pocket-friendliness is yet another plus point of buying this kit. 

  1. Joyetech eGo AIO D22 XL: 

Another option of all-in-one e-cigarette appropriate for all beginners is this amazing device. There are a top cap and mouthpiece screwing off that further reveal a tank having a capacity of 3.5 ml. The 2,300 mAh battery gives a good outcome while using the product. This kit comes with two different stainless-steel coils that are in tandem with the new vaping style for all the beginners. This device works best for MTL vaping. It is quite easy to operate as you are merely required to unscrew the top cap and fill the opening of the tank. The kit is further coupled with an instruction manual, USB cable as well as a spare mouthpiece. 

  1. Smok Mag Baby: 

One of the latest offerings by the brand is Mag Baby kit which is considered to be the best option for vaping for all the beginners. The product is ergonomically designed and keeps all the beginners happy as it is easy to use. Aesthetically, it looks like the handle of a gun. There is a temperature control vaping system alongside the wattage range of 1 to 50 W respectively. The best thing about this accessory is that its firmware is upgradeable. Hence, you can upgrade it whenever the brand improves its system. This is one of the most pocket-friendly options that you can buy to enjoy vaping. 

  1. Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum: 

This product comes with many plus points – a sizable internal battery, a super-amazing performance, as well as a brilliant design. This is certainly the best choice for all the smokers who are looking forward to picking their first mod. The product has an in-built battery of 4,400 mAh. You don’t have to charge it again and again as it runs long. The product also includes a USB cable. This vaping kit works on three different modes – FIT mode, variable wattage, and temperature control. The performance in all three modes is amazing. However, as a beginner, you will enjoy the FIT mode to the fullest. 

The above-listed vaping kits for beginners are good in terms of quality, brilliant in terms of performance, and pocket-friendly in terms of price. It’s time to make a choice. 

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