wax vape vs oil vape pen

Wax Vape vs Oil Vape Pen

When looking to purchase a new vape pen, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of choices. Wax vape, oil vape pen, or one that can do both? In some cases, a vape pen can be used for oil as well as wax and even dry herb, often just by attaching the proper atomizer.

To make it easier for you to wade through the information, we have compared an oil vape pen and wax vape pen and the setup for use for both. There are many different vapes out there with different options and functions, but in general, there are consistencies across the board for each type. Read our breakdown of the differences, similarities, and tips for use so you can start enjoying your new vape pen as soon as possible!

What are the Differences Between Wax Pens and Oil Vapes?

wax vape pen - wax vape vs oil vape pen

Desired Product Consumed-  Now, this should be obvious but depending on what you are looking to vape, will influence what type of vaporizer you need. If you want to vape wax, you will need a wax vape and the same is valid for oil. Some vapes can handle multiple products like herb, wax oils. While they are versatile, the quality of the pen is lowered. If you want something that is high quality, it is best to find a vape pen that focuses just on one product.

Wax Coils or Oil Chambers. Wax pens and oil vapes need different upkeep. An oil vape pen will typically be an average pre-filled oil cartridge and is a throwaway or one-time use. On the other hand, wax atomizers will need a vape coil or chamber change because it gets burnt out over time. There are some more complex 510 atomizers usually for use with box mods, and they will work with both oils and liquids. Even though they last for a few weeks or months, depending on how often you vape, they have to be replaced over time just like the wax oils.

Chamber loading processes

Unfortunately, wax can be rather messy if you aren’t careful. With the proper tools, such as a dab tool, you can load it in gently without making a mess. Another hint is to not over pack it, or you will risk a considerable mess. Cannabis oil vape juice can be similar, but many times there are pre-filled oil cartridges available, and unless you are dealing with a cartridge of inferior quality, there will be no residue or mess. All you have to do is screw in the pre-filled cartridge, and you are good to go! Once you have finished the cartridge, it simply twists back out.

Vaping Temperature

vape temperature - wax vape vs oil vape pen

Choosing the right temperature is essential to make sure you are getting the best taste and effects from your vape pen. Depending on the type of coil being used will depend on what temperature too. There are three different types: titanium, quartz, and ceramic. Ceramic and titanium coils take a little longer to heat up, but they can hold the high temperature for more extended periods of time. Quartz coils take less time to get hot, but they also lose that heat quicker. It is always best to start with a low temperature or watts and then slowly work your way up.

Generally, oil atomizers are on the smaller side and therefore will have a smaller coil that is wrapped around an absorbent wick. Because of this, small coils can only handle a small number of watts. If you are using too much heat, it can burn the coils out and become unusable.  Just like wax pens, you should start off at a lower temperature and work your way up.

Maintenance. In general, wax vape pens are going to take more time and effort to maintain.

As mentioned above, putting wax in the chamber can become a sticky mess quickly. I don’t think you need to include the last part since you have stated it will be a sticky mess. Even though you can replace the wax vape chambers, you can maintain the cleanliness of your pen by scraping away wax. You also shouldn’t leave the pen sideways after use or the wax will flow out and drip out. On the other hand, oil vapes are typically pre-filled and therefore there is going to be almost no sticky mess coming out of the pen, especially if you are using a high-quality cartridge. Since there is less mess, that means less cleanup and maintenance is needed for oil vape pens.

cleaning a vape pen - wax vape vs oil vape pen

In wax vape pens, the mouthpiece and airway can get clogged up from wax buildup. This can technically happen in oil pens as well,l but it almost never happens. However, when it does, it is not nearly as much buildup as you would see in wax vape pens.

The Major Similarities

Portability – The average vape pen for either oil or wax is entirely portable, making it great for travel. Most will be able to fit into a pocket or purse, so you can tuck it out at of sight until you want to use it.

Discreet – Because the vape pens are so small, the vape pens are incredibly discreet. Just pull it out of your pocket or purse, and you can be vaping in less than a minute!  The vapors themselves are very discreet as well and don’t have the harsh scent that smoking will put out. Especially at lower temperatures, many people might not even notice that you are vaping.

There is no statewide vaping ban on vaping indoors. Vaping is prohibited only on school property. Of course, before you start vaping indoors, ensure that the individual property does not have rules against it.

Easy to use – The average vape is not exactly rocket science. No matter if you are using wax or oil, generally the vape pens are very easy to use for the average human being. While there is a learning curve to understand the fine tuning of temperature and other complex functions, once you use it a few times, you can become a pro in no time! There are tons of research out there to help you better understand how to use your pen if you are having trouble at first. If you still have questions, you can turn to places like us to help you!

Battery MAH – Simply put, the MAH is the measurement of how much energy the battery can store. For vaping, herbs will take up the most amount of power in the shortest amount of time. Wax and oil consume energy at roughly the same levels. For both types of pens, they started out simple with just one setting. Next, variable voltage options were introduced. Now, both oil and wax cartridges use with box mods, which mainly are high-end vape batteries. They typically come with a larger battery that lasts longer than a typical vape pen and small vape. Users can change different types of batteries, atomizers, and tanks.

– When dry herb vaporizers were first introduced, it was necessary to have temperature control. As wax vape pens started to become more widespread, these temperature controls were not necessary. However, these have since been added due to consumer demand. 

cannabis vapes - wax vape vs oil vape pen

If you have recently purchased a wax or oil vape pen and need some help with maintenance or use, here are the top tips to keep your quality of the wax or oil vape pen up and give you an excellent vaping experience every time you vape!

Wax Vape Tips

  1. If you are having trouble taking a pull, you should clean the mouthpiece. The best way to clean the mouthpiece can be removing the mouthpiece and then using running water or a swab of cotton with rubbing alcohol. Make sure it is completely dry before reattaching the mouthpiece to the rest of the vape pen.
  2. A variable voltage vape pen will give you the tastiest pulls.
  3. After use, don’t leave your vape pen on its side because the wax will flow and get into the mouthpiece and other parts, making a huge mess!
  4. For easy loading, store the wax in the freezer. Don’t over pack or touch the coil because you could risk breaking the vape pen.

Oil Vape Tips

  1. Know the cartridge and battery you are using. If there is too much energy flowing into the cartridge, it can burn it out either over time or immediately. Nothing is worse than burning out a fresh, pre-filled cartridge!
  2. Use a box mod for maximum control and long-lasting quality
  3. The SteamCloud Mini oil vape is super small and portable for those who have a pre-filled, skinny, 510 oil cartridges
  4. Lower the setting or give the coil a chance to cool down for a minute or two if your vapors seem harsh or hot.

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