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Vape Pen Batteries Exploding – How to Avoid It

Vaporizers are not all created equal but they are generally electrical. This means it can malfunction because of so many potential faults like short circuiting, falling under water, overheating and much more. One of the rare yet potentially fatal situations a vape pen can be go through is the battery exploding.

Unfortunately the newest case just happened in Texas just happened. William Brown was a 24 year old vaper who had a vape pen blow up, with fragments being shattered. One of the fragments cut the main blood vessel that delivers blood to the brain.

It is not something that just happens for no reason. The media and the people who are uneducated make vapes tend to make it seem like it can just blow up for no reason out of the blue. Being a vaper, it’s best to know why this happens to begin with. There are many precautions to make sure an e-cigarette doesn’t blow up on you.

Why Do Batteries Vent in Vape Pens?

There are multiple reasons as to why vape pens explodes. It’s not just the interior of the vape that blows up but it’s the battery specifically. Whether it gets too hot or it was stored incorrectly, it can vent and blow up. This can cause serious harm. There are multiple ways to avoid this from happening.

Tips on Avoiding e-Cigarette Batteries from Exploding

Before reading on any tips or tricks to make sure you keep your battery at it’s pristine shape, the most important part is to make sure you’re using common sense. Also make sure to buy a reputable vape pen from a reputable company. Mom and pop shops or even gas stations aren’t aware of what they’re selling. They just want the profit margins. Research and do your homework on what you’re buying first. Some batteries are internal and you can recharge them like that while others are replaceable. The 18650 replaceable batteries are generally more dangerous because they’re a bigger capacity.

Use the following tips to avoid batteries from a vape pen exploding. This will help you stay safe and others around you.

Avoid Charging on the Computer or Car

You want to make sure you only use the charger that is included with the vape. It’s not safe to use other chargers. For example, many phones come with the USB-B cables so many people will just slap it into their vapes right after charging their phone. The current output of that cable is generally much more than the vape itself can handle since phones have bigger batteries that operate on a higher level.

Don’t Charge Your Vape with a Phone or Tablet Charger

Using Good Branded Batteries

Using good batteries should be a given. Never buy vape batteries from a dollar store. Always make sure you buy it from a vape shop. When you do buy it, always check it out and make sure nothing looks off. You don’t want the outer layer to be ripped off because it’s very important. Also make sure to check for any bumps or bruising on the battery as this can mean it’s not good.

Let your Battery Cool Down

Letting your battery cool down between each vaper hit is necessary. Batteries can easily overheat. Once they do, they pop. This can be a big contributing factor to vapes. It’s also best to have holes in your battery compartment so the battery can vent the heat. It’s a small area so heat builds up quick.

Store it Correctly

When you’re not using your vape, you want to make sure you store your battery away properly. First and foremost, do not leave loose batteries in your pocket or anywhere close to each other. Make sure it is no where close to other metals like tin cans or loose change. This can cause them to heat up really quickly and blow up. Make sure you store your batteries in specific battery cases.

You also want to make sure you don’t leave the battery in sunlight or really cold area. The cold can change the internals of the battery. In really hot temperatures, the battery can morph and bruise up in some places. This is really dangerous, especially if you’re vaping it in the heat.

Turn your Battery Off When Not in Use

When you’re not using your vape pen, make sure to turn it off. You don’t want to put it in your pocket and forget about it. The vape pen can turn on by hitting something in your pocket and be left on. If it’s on for too long, it will get hot and explode.

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