Best Top Synthetic Urine: Can You Pass a Drug Test with a Medical Marijuana Card?

Your future is at risk. You smoked marijuana, and now you need to go in for a drug test. You know there is no way you are to be able to pass the urine test. There is help if you need to pass a drug screening. You can use synthetic urine.

This fake urine has all the properties of real urine, but is made in a lab and designed to mimic human urine. The best part is that it is drug-free. Not all synthetic urines are made with the same quality. The best synthetic urine kits have insights into these products. These are the best fake urines for a cannabis user to pass a  drug test.

Best Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test

When you need fake pee or urine to pass your drug test, here are the best synthetic urines. Each one is a bit different but they will help you in any last minute need.

Clear Choice Sub Solution
– Rating: 10/10

Clear Choice Sub Solution - The Top Synthetic Urine a Cannabis Smoker Can Use to Pass a Urinalysis

This formula from the Clear Choice Sub Solution is new and improved to keep up with the changing drugs tests. This fake pee is toxin free and is undetectable. The formula contains 11 different chemical compounds to mimic human urine. It also contains uric acid and urea.

This synthetic urine kit has the same pH as a real human urine. It has the same specific gravity, as well as the correct amount of creatine. This is a heat activator included with this kit to bring the fake pee up to natural body temperature. The Clear Choice Sub Solution formula can quickly get to the correct temperature. It is unisex and will work for a man or a woman. This Clear Choice Sub Solution is heated up beforehand and kept up to temperature with a warmer.

Quick Fix Synthetic
– Rating: 9/10

Quick Fix Synthetic - The Top Synthetic Urine a Cannabis Smoker Can Use to Pass a Urinalysis

This Quick Fix Synthetic formula was also recently improved. This product has been helping people pass drug tests for the past 25 years. This is always being improved so it can keep up with the advances in urine drug testing and stay undetectable.

The Quick Fix Synthetic was created to mimic real human urine and many people even those working in the lab cannot tell this synthetic pee apart from real human pee. It is toxin free and can be used by a male or a female. The pH level, gravity, urea, and Creatine levels are designed to match those of real human urine.

Even the color of the Quick Fix was designed to look like the real thing. All you need to do is heat up the bottle containing the synthetic pee in the microwave for a period of 10 seconds. After this time a heating pad is attached to keep the fake urine up to body temperature.

Incognito Belt 
– Rating: 8/10

Incognito Belt Synthetic Urine - The Top Synthetic Urine a Cannabis Smoker Can Use to Pass a Urinalysis

The Incognito Belt kit has everything you need to pass a drug screening. There is a pouch that contains the synthetic urine. There is also a belt to attach the pouch to the body. There is a temperature strip and two heating pads as well. This device is gravity operated and the synthetic pee will come out without a problem. The fake pee is free of toxins and the heat pad will help bring it up to the natural temperature of the body.

The Incognito Belt is made from 11 different chemical compounds including uric acid and urea to resemble authentic human urine. This mixture has the same pH level and specific gravity of urine. It can be used by a man or a woman.

The Incognito Belt can be used for any urine test and has a shelf life of one year. This is the complete kit and has everything you need to go to your drug test. Also for the fake urine, you have a place to store this synthetic pouch. You do not have to worry about how you are going to sneak it into the restroom.

Xstream Synthetic Urine
– Rating: 7/10

Xsteam Synthetic Urine - The Top Synthetic Urine a Cannabis Smoker Can Use to Pass a Urinalysis

This Xstream Synthetic Urine is another brand that will help you pass your drug test. This company also makes the fake synthetic urine kit the same pH level, gravity, and color as real human urine.

The Xstream urine is toxin and hormone free so it can also be used by a man or a woman. This synthetic urine will heat up in a matter of second as well. As long as there is a heating pad attached, it will stay up to human body temperature.

This fake pee is very effective and is less expensive than other forms of synthetic urine. It is just as effective as the more expensive brands and can help you pass your drug test.

Upass Synthetic Urine
– Rating: 6/10

Upass Synthetic Urine - The Top Synthetic Urine a Cannabis Smoker Can Use to Pass a Urinalysis

While the name of the the UPass synthetic urine is not exactly impressive, it is very effective at helping you pass your drug test. The Upass urine was developed in a lab to be an exact copy of real human urine. It has the same specific gravity levels, the same pH levels, the proper Creatine levels, and is well balanced to give it the look and the feel of real human urine.

The Upass synthetic urine is also heated up and kept up to body temperature with a heating pad. There is also a heating strip so you can tell the exact temperature of the fake urine.

Magnum Synthetic Urine
– Rating: 6/10

Magnum Synthetic Urine - The Top Synthetic Urine a Cannabis Smoker Can Use to Pass a Urinalysis
The Magnum synthetic urine comes with a vile of urea that can be mixed in. This is one of the main components of an actual human pee. When you are ready to take the drug test you will add the urea to the mixture and heat it up.

The Magnum urine also needs to be kept up to body temperature with the use of a heating pad. This fake urine also has the same chemical makeup of real human urine. This synthetic pee comes in a four-ounce container while other kits contain three ounces of synthetic urine. While this extra ounce may not make a big difference, it is included in the package.


These are some of the best synthetic urine kits on the market that will be able to help you pass a drug test. It does not matter if you smoked marijuana the night before the drug test because you can rest knowing you are going to pass it by using these synthetic urines.

These synthetic urines were designed to resemble a real human urine. They have the correct chemical compounds, pH level, and gravity that no urine drug test will be able to tell this fake urine is not a real human urine.

Can You Pass a Drug Test with a Medical Marijuana Card?

The people of the U.S voted for medical marijuana legalization, and today more than 20 States have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. But using marijuana resulted in the job losses for many US citizens or for some people who are using it in the County. This was because many employers required job applicants to take a drug test especially when they reached the final stage of their selection process.

According to Nolo, many States even with medical marijuana legalization refuses to hire an employee with a positive marijuana result from the drug test. On the other hand, some rules forbid employers from discriminating against anyone who uses medical marijuana legally. Since the law varies from State to State, it is better to consult with an employer’s human resources department or an employment attorney to learn about the medical marijuana work laws of your state.

What is a Drug Test?

a drug test kit for cannabis users - Drug Test with a Medical Marijuana Card

A drug test is a process of testing your saliva or urine samples or blood to check the concentration of some particular ingredients in your body, which might hinder your performance.

Even though it is not every company but many of them in the US, like trucking industry, aviation, or mass transit, and even the department of defense is required to test at least some employees for alcohol and drug use.

Why is it Necessary?

As an employee, you need to pass the drug test for many reasons like; to qualify for a discount on your ‘workers’ compensation insurance’, to maintain productivity in the workplace, for health and safety or due to reasonable suspicions. Such companies also give reasons that the cannabis use might lead to the significant risk in the workplace due to lack of concentration, impaired abilities or just lack of willingness.

Cannabis Laws Around the Drug Test in the Workplace

cannabis law - Drug Test with a Medical Marijuana Card

State law provides a confusing statement regarding the cannabis drug test at the workplace and its impact on jobs. As it is illegal at the Federal level, and States’ laws vary, it is difficult to stand on one point regarding your marijuana use and drug test. The State law cannot defend you from the positive drug test if your employer is under Federal control.

There are some steps for which you can prepare in advance that may protect you or qualify your drug test in the workplace.

  • Every State where medical marijuana is legal, you are required to obtain your medical marijuana card from the doctor.
  • To get a card, you must meet the State’s qualifying conditions.
  • Be clear about your State’s cannabis laws and make sure you are following it while using marijuana.

Providing specific guidance for passing the drug test is a bit difficult, but the following key points may help you to know more about your State laws and drug tests.

  • Check twice your State cannabis law to prevent you from any future turbulence.
  • Unless the State law on cannabis expressly prohibits firing an employee for failing to pass the drug test, then it is possible that you can be dismissed from work if your drug test comes out to be positive.
  • If an employer has a room for your condition, then they may allow the use of only certain strains of marijuana while prohibiting the others.
  • Check the method of testing as it also differs from State to State. This will help you to prepare in advance and may help you to pass your test.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in your System?

The effect of cannabis varies from individual to individual. It may be due to your body’s potential, body fat, weight, and metabolism.

red blood cells - Drug Test with a Medical Marijuana Card

In a body of a regular user, marijuana stays in the blood and urine for around 90 days after use. A weekly smoker of the cannabis gets rid of it in ten days.

Cleanse your Body for a Drug Test

The safest way to pass your drug test is to cleanse your body and be clean before your test.

Detoxify your Body Naturally

More liquid intake, a proper diet, and exercise may cleanse your body in 30-45 days. So if you have around two months before your drug test, then you can opt for the natural way of detoxification to pass your test.

cannabis capsules - Drug Test with a Medical Marijuana Card

Use Detoxification Program to Cleanse your System

Detoxification program can help you to detoxify your system in seven days. This program is also available with home testing kits to verify that you are clean.

Do Not Use Drugs

The simple, cheap and easy way to beat a drug test is to avoid using marijuana in the weeks leading up to the test. Although the random tests are standard in many companies and industries, in some industries like the transportation industries, the employer gets an advance notice about an impending drug test.

In America, about 52.5% of workplace drug tests are used to decide on hiring an applicant, and 8.5% test is to assign or reassign employees.

snow - Drug Test with a Medical Marijuana Card

Things you Can do if you Fail a Drug Test

The confusing law around the subject of drug testing might lead you to fail a drug test. But if you find yourself in that situation, you can take alternative steps that may provide you with the way out of it.

The following are the things that you can do if you fail your drug test:

  • If you are in a State that has legalized marijuana use with medical marijuana card, then in case of failure you don’t have to face any criminal charges.
  • You can also challenge your employer’s decision. You can have the copy of your drug test. You can present your explanation that can make your employer look aside.
  • In case your employer does not have sufficient information about the State laws, you as an applicant or employee can discuss it freely. Maybe that compels him or her to change his decision.

To pass the drug test with such a confusing States’ law, it is suggested to make yourself familiar with the individual State laws even when your State and employer are pro-medical marijuana. 

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