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Never Run Out of Rolling Papers!!!

If you’re always running out of rolling papers, this article is for you

Sunday, you’ve got the goods but you’re out of rolling papers and all the shops are closed. To find some you’ll need to travel far away, or pay a fortune. And it’s not the first time, because like the rest of us, you usually buy your rolling paper with your tobacco, or you buy it in bulk. The problem with these methods is that you never really know how many papers you have left.

Never again!

Two French guys, Jerome and Jeremie, may have found the perfect solution. The Rolling Club is a monthly subscription service for premium rolling papers. Absolutely. You pick how many 32-leaf packs you need each month (if you smoke one leaf a day, that’s one pack a month) and get them delivered them to your door in a discreet package with free worldwide shipping. No more hassle, no more stress.

The club’s rolling paper is made in France with 100% organic material and is certified 0% GMO. Each 32-leaf pack also comes with a few cut-out paper-tips to use in case of emergency. And the cherry on top is that these skins are cheaper than tobacconist prices!

The Rolling Club will soon be opening its virtual doors. Join the club!

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