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A Reader’s Opinion on the Legalization of Pot and HMO Coverage

My opinion on the legalization of medical marijuana is that it is a travesty of incomprehensible proportions. To remove healthcare from a tried and tested system because of their need to use government funds and the healthcare illegalized is an abomination. To allow medical marijuana purchasers to buy over twice that of any recreational user is simply setting them up to turn into dealers, especially with most of them having work-related issues.

HMO Coverage of Medical Marijuana

I find the implementation of all the legalized actions a travesty of justice of global proportions all because the federal government shoved their head up their ass for over 50 years.  If you just look at a graph of what America’s War on Drugs has done to our judicial system with the number of inmates, then you can understand why this problem happened.

a reader's opinion on the legalization of pot

The content is that no hospital can use THC or CBD to treat jack diddly without losing all government reimbursements, insurance, and tax incentives. Because of this, no medical professionals exist who prescribe anything.

Because of this, the medical marijuana is an industry, just like big pharma, and they are basically snake oil salesmen, making up whatever they want and then telling others this is a fact.

The amount that a recreational user gets in my state of Colorado is 1 ounce a day. You need 3 Snoop Doggs to smoke 1 ounce a day.

The medical cannabis user can buy double that. The amounts are not prescribed, the quantities are ludicrous and then the medical cannabis user ends up with extra pot which they can only afford to sell, this is a set up to make them lose all access to medication. This set up is compounded because, in most of the medical marijuana cases, these individuals are hard pressed for money already and are typically on disability or welfare.

We pay more than the GNP of 155 countries each year just to house our convicts.  This is a travesty, but it caused even more harm when it removed the medical aspect of marijuana from hospitals.  How many people would have been saved from cancer if the fact that CBD was an anti-carcinogen was known publicly?

No hospital could research this in this country legally without putting all their government contracts and/or tax refunds on hold.  What sort of systems are in place now to combat the spread of ignorance and rampant abuse of marijuana?  Not much.

By B.S. Ruben on 16 Feb 2018

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