Pros and Cons of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, you can’t go for more than a minute or two without someone raising the topic of autoflowering cannabis seeds. They have become an extremely hot topic over the past year or so, and have even been hailed as something that will revolutionize cannabis growing. Let’s cut through the hype and find out what they are all about.

What is Auto-Flowering Cannabis?

After you plant your cannabis seeds, they go through several distinct stages before becoming, you hope, a beautiful bushy plant covered in amazing buds. These include the vegetative phase and the flowering phase. Usually, transitioning to the flowering phase is triggered by a change in the light cycle. It’s one of the reasons that having the seedlings exposed to just the right amount of light is so important. 

Perhaps the best thing about auto-flowering seeds is their selling point which is one of the most amazing facts about their market demand. Autoflowering seeds are more likely to be marketed very well because their growth rate is highly appreciable. 

The Pros and Cons of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: A Fast Buds Primer -  Part 2 | Fast Buds

Though they are not remontant, still they have a magnanimous reputation in growth. It is truly rare to see auto-flowering seeds to grow older than three months. Due to this amazing growth rate, they are considered one of the best seeds that can be marketed.

A supreme manifestation of their productivity is that they are almost growable under any environmental condition and they can be bloomed in any part of the year. A common question is usually asked about the potent and productivity of auto-flowering seeds.

This question is the gateway before you are looking to venture your first auto-flowering seeds. The question is, due to the speedy growth and low maintenance of these highly productive seeds are they are more prone to suffer soon. 

This perplexing perception has been reconditely proven false due to an immense shred of evidence in the favour of their natural fine-tuning and growth spurt. The vivid conception about the suffering of this modern-day wonder seed.

Another complex dilemma about the auto-flowering seeds is that they are more easily destructible as compared to other seeds is wrong. A supreme manifestation of the high-class genetics of the auto-flowering seeds is the years of recondite research over their breeding principles.

When you work with auto-flowering cannabis seed strains, however, they make the transition to the flowering stage automatically after a set period of time, without waiting for external cues to tell them when it is time to start producing their buds. They are something of an evolutionary miracle, as they first appeared in a cannabis strain called ruderalis, which is native to areas of Russia, central Asia and Eastern Europe that have harsher climates and shorter growing seasons. In short, they were not getting the usual seasonal signals, so they started to flower automatically without being told to.

Why Choose Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds?

There are now a great many auto-flowering strains, and they have plenty of advantages over traditional photoperiod cannabis: 

Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds [The Definitive Guide]
  • Short lifecycle – auto-flowering strains typically complete their entire growing cycle in less than ten weeks, and sometimes as quickly as seven. That’s about a month faster than the photoperiod alternatives and means you get your buds faster. 
  • Less complex lighting demands – autoflowers still require the right lighting for the optimum yield, but it is straightforward and remains the same throughout the growing cycle. Most growers follow the 18/6 rule, which means 18 hours of light to six hours of darkness, although anything from 12/12 to 24/0 can be adopted under certain circumstances. 
  • After an abstruse and toilworn case study on the genetics and productivity of auto-flowering seeds. It has been concluded that they contain the same level of fined tuned genetics. 
  • According to the expert breeders who have spent several years breeding this unique seed, it has the same level of THC And CBD as its normal feminized counterparts. Auto seeds have become immensely popular over the past few years. 
  • Resilience – this probably harks back to that evolutionary period on the Russian steppes, but these strains are particularly hardy. It makes them a forgiving choice for novice growers who might make the occasional blunder.
  • Compact size – even though weed growing is legal and acceptable in more and more places, it is still an activity that is better conducted with a little discretion. Aside from anything else, those plants are valuable and broadcasting their presence could put the security of your home at risk. Autoflowers tend to grow to a more compact size, meaning it’s more practical to grow them on a balcony or in the garden, without them being obvious.

What about the Cons?

Autoflowering seeds have plenty of positives but they are not perfect. Their small size means yields will be correspondingly reduced, and THC content is typically lower than that of their photoperiod cousins. They are also largely unsuitable for cloning, so don’t waste your time with cuttings. 

Take them for what they are, however, and autoflower varieties are a compelling choice, especially for those who are still learning the finer points of cannabis cultivation. 

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