Vape Juice - How to Prepare and Market Your Own DIY E-Juice

How to Prepare and Market Your Own DIY E-Juice

Maybe you love vaping so much you want to get other people jazzed on it too. Or you’re simply an entrepreneurial-minded person who enjoys launching and perfecting businesses in areas they’re passionate about. Or maybe you want to become more self-sufficient when it comes to your vaping and wouldn’t mind a nice side income. Whatever the case, I have prepared a small guide for you to make and market your own e-juice blends.

While it might seem like I’m spilling trade secrets, the reality is that the business is growing and the idea of vaping needs to spread. Besides, it’s not like we’re divulging the nuclear codes. Making your own DIY e-juice flavours is surprisingly super simple. You need fewer than five ingredients, a ratio and a couple of small tools for the job.

The first step in becoming an e-juice mogul is to make the juice itself. Here are the ingredients:

  • Base liquid, both vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol
  • Water-soluble flavour concentrates
  • Nicotine (optional)

DIY E-Juice - How to Prepare and Market Your Own DIY E-Juice

That’s it! Also, add the following pieces of equipment to your shopping list:

  • Storage bottles (a couple bottles at around 100mL each is a good start). Amber coloured bottles slow nicotine’s degradation
  • Ejuice bottles
  • Labels
  • Gloves
  • Syringes
  • An electronic scale that goes to 0.01 grams
  • A home DIY e-juice kit

You’ll also need an e-juice calculator, which are mostly web-based.

The exact amounts of each ingredient you’ll need will vary, but these two beginner-friendly recipes will give you an idea of what quantities to start off with:

Milk Chocolate Ejuice: 

  • 70/20 VG/PG blend (approximately 16 ml/5 ml)
  • Diluted nicotine (as desired)
  • 5 ml coconut milk flavouring
  • 5 ml chocolate roll flavouring
  • 3 ml vodka or distilled water (if desired)

Recipe yields 30 ml of liquid.

Minty Paradise E-juice: 

  • 50/50 VG/PG blend
  • Diluted nicotine (as desired)
  • 3 ml peppermint flavouring
  • 1 ml menthol flavouring
  • 5 ml honeydew flavouring

The flavour of this juice mellows out the longer you steep it. For an intense minty hit then go for it right away, or within a few days. Let it steep for a few weeks if you want the chill to chill.

Step One-Portion The Nicotine

Use your e-juice calculator to determine a reasonable number of ml of nicotine to use for your recipe. A less-is-more approach to nicotine will save your batches from being inadvertently ruined. Tip: if your juice isn’t strong enough for your liking after steeping, add some more nicotine at that time. You can also add a couple drops of vodka for a bit more kick. A little goes a long way.

Step Two-Get Your Flavours Ready

If this is your first batch then play it safe by using only one or two flavours. Awkward mixes and off-kilter ratios could ruin your mix and waste your ingredients. It takes skill and patience to develop a touch for just the right balance of flavours.

Adding extra flavour after steeping is totally fine, but do so sparingly. You don’t want to add 10% more flavour than what was already in your recipe. It’s easy to make your mix taste gross by going just a bit too overboard.

Artificial flavours make finding the exact right balance even more challenging because they interact with natural flavours in an unpredictable way. Always underdo it rather than overdoing it.

Step Three-Prepare The Base Mix

A good ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol is 50/50 or 80/20. You may need to use a bit of vodka or water to dilute your base if using more glycerin.

Step Four-Mix It Up 

Put all your ingredients in a bottle, seal on the lid and shake vigorously for a few minutes. It will take quite a lot of elbow grease to thoroughly mix everything.

Step Five-Steeping

Steeping E-Juice - How to Prepare and Market Your Own DIY E-Juice

Technically, this step is referred to as “oxidation”, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Take the cap off the bottle and leave your mixture to steep in a cool, dark room. Oxygen will interact with your mixed ingredients, changing the flavour profile and complexity of your e-juice. Most juices taste better steeped, but if you like the taste of your e-juice fresh after mixing then you can totally do that too.

Now that you have your own proprietary blend of magic e-juice you need to package it and sell it. Ensure your juice’s labels have all the essential information: ingredients, ratios, flavours used and manufacturing information. Your labeling must comply with regulations in order to be lawfully sold.

Marketing your e-juice doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Set up a website using a low-cost hosting service. Most of them have free templates with a user-friendly editing interface. You can link your specially branded social media sites to your webpage as well so your web presence can grow and your search engine placement will get higher. Get constant customer feedback on the flavour of your juices, their efficacy and how your e-commerce platform is working.

Making your own e-juice is a fun way to save a few bucks and be in control of the exact flavours you vape. If you’re doing it for yourself, you might as well do it for others, and make some money in the long run.


Rebecca Hill - Author- How to Prepare and Market Your Own DIY E-Juice



Author BIO:

Rebecca Hill is the community manager at iBliss Vapor, a Canadian e-juice manufacturer that helps people get away from smoking and move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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