Michigan Stoner’s Guide to Edibles

Michigan edibles

Numerous new dispensaries have opened up in Michigan with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Fall 2019.  The state that already had a well-established medicinal base decided to expand their market to please the eager adults willing to experience the euphoria of the bud.  We only moved to Michigan a …

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Best Portable eNail of 2020

Looking for the best portable eNail on the market? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to list down the latest and the best today’s industry has to offer when it comes to portable eNails.   What is a Portable eNail Exactly?   Well, for the uninitiated, a portable eNail is an electronic vaporizer designed and engineered for …

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KandyPens Oura Review

kandypens oura erig

KandyPens has always been a brand about the elevated consumption of wax concentrates and other extracts. They have released multiple devices, mostly portable vaporizers like dab pens, oil pens, and box mods that offer a superior build and overall impeccable quality. They are the go-to brand for anyone wanting to enjoy …

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How to Sell Vape Juice to a Skeptic

how to properly store your vape juice

Vaping has been around long enough for most people to start viewing it as a mainstream lifestyle choice. However, there are still many skeptics out there who would rather stick to cigarettes because they find vaping a bit confusing or pointless. You can have the best vape juice in the …

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Is CBD Oil From Hemp Strains Actually Effective?

cannabis leaf - While Americans Support Marijuana Legalization- Why Not America?

You might have already heard a great deal about CBD oil and other Cannabidiol products. Medical marijuana is probably also familiar to you. In fact, the effects and benefits of medical marijuana have been proven a long time ago and you are certainly sure of its success in helping a …

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What Are The Benefits Of Using CBD E Liquid?

vaping eliquid oil cbd

Vaping has been used not only for recreational purposes, but also by those who prefer alternatives to traditional medicine such as cannabidiol or CBD. Aside from CBD flowers procured for dry herb vaporizers, CBD e-liquid or juice is now available for vaping devices, such as the typical vape pen.  In …

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How To Smoke Marijuana Without Rolling A Joint

smoking marijuana without rolling a joint

People commonly associate smoking marijuana to joints. However, there comes a time in every smoker’s life when they can’t get their hands on the necessary materials or are simply unable to roll a joint.  Luckily, there are many options out there that will allow you to smoke marijuana, without having …

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