7 Tips For CBD and Pain Relief

If there’s one thing introducing medical advances has taught scientists, it’s that scrutiny into them never really ends. Even when a new drug or medical procedure sees widespread use, research still carries on to see if it has missed anything. Cannabidiol (CBD) is no exception. Research into its medicinal potential …

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What Is A Recycler Bong & What Is It Good For?

What is a recycler bong? To understand this, we need to turn back a few pages of history, just a page or two. The smoking world has embraced the invasion of recyclers for several years now. Recyclers add to the bong’s overall buildup and integration of innovative functions. The design …

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Pros and Cons of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, you can’t go for more than a minute or two without someone raising the topic of autoflowering cannabis seeds. They have become an extremely hot topic over the past year or so, and have even been hailed as something that will revolutionize cannabis growing. …

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Has Medical Cannabis Grown In Popularity?

popularity of cannabis

Due to its legalization in several countries, the popularity of medical cannabis has grown tremendously. While there may still be some controversy regarding cannabis, especially since many people may consider it as a drug that has psychoactive properties and used recreationally, it’s important to know that cannabis is non-psychoactive and …

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How Cannabis Has Grown in Popularity Over the Years

10 most popular cannabis strains

In recent years, medicinal cannabis has definitely taken the health world by storm. This is primarily due to the organic treatment approach that it offers to patients. Historically, though, different cultures all over the world have always considered marijuana as a viable option in relieving various conditions–from stomachaches to chronic …

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5 Alternatives To Help Ease Cancer Pain

easing nausea

Being diagnosed with cancer can significantly affect your life in many different ways. Aside from spending money for your treatments and medications, cancer can also cause pain to the body. When left untreated, cancer pain can worsen and take a toll on your daily activities.   Cancer pain is caused by …

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7 Things To Know About The Different Color Strains Of Weed

purple marijuana leaf

Buying cannabis in the past mostly depends on the color and smell followed by taste and potency. Today, even with the knowledge available when buying weed, the color is still an attractive factor.    Color Variance   Anthocyanins are responsible for the vibrant colors of weed. The anthocyanins are a group of …

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Setbacks for the FDA’s Guidance Policy for CBD

setbacks for hemp

The U.S. legal cannabis industry is experiencing growing pains. Since being legalized a bit over two years ago, CBD has become a legal commodity in numerous states, and regulations have struggled to keep up. From growing to processing into pharmaceuticals, every step of the way eventually gets regulated at one …

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What To Know About Resolution Cleaners

resolution bong cleaner

No matter how you choose to take cannabis, keeping it neat and hygienic is extremely important. With COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout the world, sanitizing your paraphernalia should be regularly done. The only coughing fit you want to have is from a good toke and not a deadly virus.   In choosing …

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