How to Prepare and Market Your Own DIY E-Juice

Vape Juice - How to Prepare and Market Your Own DIY E-Juice

Maybe you love vaping so much you want to get other people jazzed on it too. Or you’re simply an entrepreneurial-minded person who enjoys launching and perfecting businesses in areas they’re passionate about. Or maybe you want to become more self-sufficient when it comes to your vaping and wouldn’t mind …

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Never Run Out of Rolling Papers!!!

The Rolling Club Press Release Image

If you’re always running out of rolling papers, this article is for you Sunday, you’ve got the goods but you’re out of rolling papers and all the shops are closed. To find some you’ll need to travel far away, or pay a fortune. And it’s not the first time, because …

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CBD for Neuropathic Pain

cbd for neuropathic pain

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is obviously very important, given how widely expressed it is throughout the body, and especially in the peripheral and central nervous systems. With the ECS active in these areas, it’s logical to explore potential treatments which involve regulating this system with endocannabinoids and phyto-cannabinoids such as …

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Strainbase: Database for Cannabis Enthusiasts and Seed Buyers


The useful information appeared to be originating from those home breeders confident enough to post their practices on the internet. Primarily their exclusive source was a newsgroup of marijuana enthusiasts dedicated in the cultivation of cannabis. Following came a web-based forum and an internet relay chat room on exchanging their …

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Is CBD Safe for Children?

Is CBD Safe for Children

By now, we all know the story of Charlotte Figi. If not, you can read the CNN article on her. Her case changed the world of medicine. A young girl from Colorado with Dravet Syndrome, a very rare type of child epilepsy, was suffering intense, hours-long seizures daily. In 2013, …

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How to Clean a Bong

a handmade bong - image for the article how to clean a bong

We’ve all endured the struggle and disappointment of smoking through a dirty bong. Maybe you were just a kid and didn’t know any better. Maybe you were in college, taking a rip off your buddy’s piece. Or maybe there are those of you that still don’t clean yours regularly. After …

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Wax Vape vs Oil Vape Pen

wax vape vs oil vape pen

When looking to purchase a new vape pen, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of choices. Wax vape, oil vape pen, or one that can do both? In some cases, a vape pen can be used for oil as well as wax and even dry herb, …

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