7 Reasons Medicinal Cannabis Makes Sense

pain relief with cbd - cbd for neuropathic pain

It is rightly said, “Never be a victim of the illusion of knowledge.” Same goes when it comes to cannabis. For years, countries and people have condemned to use of cannabis owing to the psychoactive attributes it holds. With time, cannabis, i.e., an extraction of the cannabis sativa proved everyone …

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CBD Edibles – The New CBD Craze

cooking with CBD extract -CBD Extract as a Food Supplement

Prior to the introduction of other known substances contained within the hemp plant, the only edibles that we had were marijuana edibles, designed to make you high. Even today, this is the most common product that we associate with the term “edibles”. With the introduction of the revolutionary substance known …

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Marijuana Rolling Tray

Marijuana Rolling Tray 2

Anyone who has rolled a blunt or a joint without having a steady surface knows how difficult it can be. It can lead to having a complete mess and losing some weed in the process. Fortunately, some unlucky soul who had to deal with this process realized what a pain …

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A Full intake of THC with Honest Marijuana Company’s THC Capsules

Honest Pill - THC Capsules

Many cannabis lovers are looking for a new way to get a full dose of THC without having to eat an edible (which converts THC into a THC-derivative with sedative values) or smoke, which is dangerous, bad for the lungs, outdated, and inefficient. The Honest Marijuana Company eco-conscious cannabis company solved this dilemma with their latest innovation! They are about to launch …

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Everything You Need to Know About CBD and Sleep

Cover Photo - Everything You Need to Know About CBD and Sleep

Insomnia affects nearly 1 in 3 people, often resulting in the use of over the counter and prescription drugs to find relief. And this figure doesn’t account for those individuals who experience disrupted sleep or inconsistent sleep patterns. Getting adequate rest at night is essential for proper function during the …

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Best Way to Consume Marijuana: Experts Views

featured image - Best way to consume marijuana: Experts views

The legalization of Marijuana in the states of United States came very gradually and to everyone’s surprise the closer the administration is going to legalize Cannabis, more and more people are talking about trying it for the first time. A recent study by Stats Can show that around 21% people …

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