Weed Hangovers: How to Cure It

marijuana hangover

People smoke marijuana for many reasons. Some use it medicinally, others smoke cannabis to feel good, ease tension and boredom, or seek deeper insights for creativity. However, when smokers consume too much marijuana, they begin to experience weed hangovers. Although many people think hangovers are a perfect myth to demarket …

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Patent No. 6630507: Marijuana and CBD USPTO

cannabis map- patent 6630507

With arguments coming from all sides about the scope of patent 6630507, there are many unanswered questions regarding its impact on the medical marijuana community, as well as the industry as a whole. Read on to find out the facts and truths about US Patent Number 6630507 also known as …

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Cannabis Over-Sexualization: Sexism in the Marijuana Industry

cannabis over-sexualization- a woman lying on a couch in her underwear, wearing cannabis printed socks. Image for- Is the Marijuana Industry Over-Sexualizing Cannabis? article for Cannabis Twenty-Four Seven

Is cannabis sexualization the future of this wonderful plant due to commercialization in this so-called modern society? The past few decades have seen the over-sexualization of many industries. Is the cannabis industry next? Cannabis Over-Sexualization Marijuana, both the culture and industry surrounding it, are growing at a rate unlike before. …

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