Marijuana Grow Room: Checklist for Indoor Growing

LED lighting a cannabis plant-grow room set up

With the marijuana industry continuously expanding and providing endless opportunities for enthusiastic business owners, the space is becoming ever more competitive. People want to be able to produce the best bud for their customers. This requires extensive knowledge in marijuana agriculture practices and growing equipment. For many, this means establishing …

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eNail: Guide to Electric Dab Rig Nail

quartz enail dab kit

When dabbing concentrates, the objective is all about achieving temperature consistency to get the optimum vaping experience. If your nail is too cold the dab will pool at the base, giving off little to no vapor. If you can’t control the heat at the other end of the spectrum and …

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Moon Rock Weed: What are They?

what are moon rocks

If there’s any kind of weed that deserves to be labeled “out of this world”, Moon Rock weed takes the cake. Although the word weed is added to the end of the name of this popular product, Moon Rock far surpasses the experience provided by traditional cannabis. It will take …

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Nectar Collector: The New Age of Dabbing

dabbing with a honey dab straw

When it comes to using wax concentrates, users are typically confined to two products: dab rigs and portable dab vaporizers. Both of these products have their advantages and disadvantages that make each of them a desirable option and in some enthusiasts’. For example, one is portable and makes the dabbing …

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Dropshipping Marijuana & Ancillary Products

Buy Cannabis Online DropShipping

With work-from-home positions, home-based businesses, side hustles, and the gig economy on the rise, there are always new business opportunities. They can either help to supplement your income or act as your main source of income once you’ve found the right thing that works for you. One of the more …

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