3 Reasons Why CBD Is Better Than THC

thc vs cbd

The country is beginning to see more leniency when it comes to cannabis products. Through the legalization of hemp production from the Farm Bill of 2018, more and more people are being exposed to the wondrous treasures hemp plants have to offer them. The hemp plant is the cousin of …

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CBD: Everything You Need to Know About It

Why the use of CBD oil is growing in popularity

CBD oil makes headlines almost daily as physicians and consumers are moving away from traditional pharmaceuticals, and toward holistic & naturopathic options. As cancer, HIV, and several immune disease rates are on the rise, CBD oil proves to be one of the most helpful and affordable options to combat health …

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What Does 420 Mean: The Stoners Holiday

There are some terms that are synonymous with smoking weed, the most widely-recognized term being “420”. However, while many will use this term for their weed-smoking activities, very few know where the term stems from or what it actually refers to. If you constantly use 420 but want to learn …

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Medical Marijuana: A Guide for the Skeptics

medical marijuana guide for the skeptics

If you’ve lived in a rather progressive state, chances are that you’ve encountered medical marijuana dispensaries in the past or have at least seen more of these businesses appear as your state has further embraced marijuana usage. For those who are rather new to the concept of medical marijuana or …

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