2020 Florida Medical Marijuana Overview

florida medical marijuana card

A lot has happened since the inception of medical marijuana legalization back in November 2016. Amendment 2 gave qualifying patients legal access to medical marijuana in Florida. Since then, over 300,000 patients have become approved for a medical marijuana card and can buy cannabis products from the 22 state-approved dispensaries.  …

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Marijuana For Beginners: How To Inhale Weed

how to inhale weed properly

As more nations and states legalized the use of marijuana for medical and recreational use, perhaps you may also be interested in starting in this journey. While others have still categorized it as an illicit drug, there’s also no denying that as long as it’s within limits and not done …

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How to Smoke Weed and Inhale Properly

Although smoking can seem like a relatively straightforward process, it isn’t always as simple as it seems, especially if you have moved right past joints and blunts and have begun smoking from pipes, bongs, or tools. One of the biggest lessons that you will have to learn along the way …

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Is CBD For You?

It appears CBD has burst into the wellness scene. Wherever you turn there’s a new CBD product or brand. Lately, it has become exponentially easier to implement CBD into your wellness routine. In case you’re contemplating about whether CBD is for you, continue reading.  Would It Be A Good Idea …

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Can You Use CBD Products If You Are On A Keto Diet?

keto cbd diets

As of late, the health and diet industries are filled with trends that promise great results. As more and more individuals strive to live a healthier lifestyle, the number of people willing to try out these new changes continue to increase. For those who have seriously experienced positive changes in …

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