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Moon Rock Weed: What are They?

If there’s any kind of weed that deserves to be labeled “out of this world”, Moon Rock weed takes the cake. Although the word weed is added to the end of the name of this popular product, Moon Rock far surpasses the experience provided by traditional cannabis. It will take you above and beyond what you would normally feel when smoking regular weed or other similar offerings that contain basic THC.

If you have heard about them and are thinking about trying out these legendary nuggets of cannabis for yourself, here is some more information on what are Moon Rocks and what you will get out of smoking it. 

moon rocks weed

What is Moon Rock Weed?

Moon rocks, also called, Caviar Weed aren’t just a special strain of weed but are a product made up of several different byproducts of weed along with the dry herb flower itself. Moon Rocks consist of three different ingredients: a great strain of weed, hash oil, and kief that has been separated from other bud (loose kief).

Hash oil is the concentrated oil or wax that comes out of dry herb flower when it is pressed. Kief is very tiny flakes of your dry herb which falls off when you grind it. Both of these have very high potency.

All of these parts of the cannabis plant mixed together make up an extremely potent THC experience that is sure to satisfy even the most avid weed smokers. In fact, Moon Rocks are said to have around 50 percent THC levels, which bests even the most potent of cannabis strains out there.  

How Did Caviar Weed Start? 

There are numerous names for Caviar Weed that preceded the popular term for this form of cannabis product and one such name includes Cannabis Caviar, among many others. While there is some disagreement, the general consensus is that Cannabis Caviar and Moon Rocks are one and the same but Moon Rocks themselves are more associated with the brand of weed as a whole whereas Cannabis Caviar is a more of a broad term describing the type of product that one is purchasing. Caviar Weed can be traced back to two hip-hop artists named Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak, who met together in 2013 and launched their own music project to highlight their cannabis invention. Although other “moon rock” products may have emerged since then, the original claim to this brand name product is still attributed to them, even if the offers from other competitors are still the same. 

moon rocks caviar weed


Because you are smoking a product that packs a little more of a punch and boasts more than just a weed nugget, you can expect the price point to be slightly higher (no pun intended) for this amazing ball of THC. Fortunately enough, the prices are not so high that one couldn’t afford them and the average cost for a gram of Moon Rocks is typically around $25 or $35. As with other cannabis products, you will also probably find that you can take off some of that cost when you purchase Caviar Weed in bulk. Considering the experience that you receive when you smoke them, this is a generous cost for the product. 

How to Make Moon Rock Weed

Although the finished product can look rather exquisite, the truth is that there isn’t too much that goes into the process of making Moon Rocks and if you have the time, material, and patience, you can easily whip up your own batch at home without having to go hunting online or in-store for a branded version of this product. If this is something that might interest you, let’s go through the easy to follow step-by-step process of creating your own!

  • Step 1. Find a nugget or nuggets of high-quality weed that will not fall apart easily and place them on the end of the skewer so that they are secure. It’s important that these nuggets of cannabis are potent. The better the cannabis you use, the better your Moon Rocks are going to turn out once they are finished. 
  • Step 2. Take your hash or oil concentrate and heat it to such a point that it would be able to spread over your weed without your skewer experiencing significant resistance in the process. If you want to simply cover your weed through dipping, find a bowl to place the hash or oil concentrate into and then work your weed around in the bowl, making sure that every part of the weed is covered in the liquid once you’re finished. If you have the means, some people prefer to spray their oil onto their weed as well. If you use this method, make sure to apply the oil generously so as to ensure that the next step goes smoothly. 
  • Step 3. Once your weed is fully coated, either lay out your pile of kief onto a plate and dip your weed into the kief until your weed is properly covered in the kief or gradually sprinkle the kief over your weed until the entirety of the surface is covered. If you need to use tweezers or other tools to pat down the kief and make the most of the space, have those at the ready so that you are prepared beforehand. 

After you’ve followed the steps listed above, all you have to do is wait for the Moon Rocks to dry completely and they will be ready to smoke! Considering that they do not take the typical form of weed nuggets and feature a thicker, stickier layer, however, some people may be concerned that they will not know how to smoke it. Luckily, we have also taken this into consideration and will cover the actual process of smoking it in the section below. 

moon rocks

How to Smoke Caviar OG Weed? 

There are two reasons why you are going to want to make sure that you properly light up with Moon Rocks each time. Firstly, these nuggets are packed with a lot of THC and if you waste the materials or otherwise use them wrong, you are going to miss out on a lot of what you purchased them for. Secondly, Moon Rocks are not as easy to smoke as regular bud and not knowing how to do it can leave you frustrated and not wanting to smoke them in the first place. 

If you’re choosing to use a pipe for your smoke sesh, you will want to lay your Caviar Weed down onto a flat surface, cut them up into small, smokable pieces, and place them on top of some ground up bud within your bowl so that it will be easier to keep your weed lit throughout the smoking process. If you choose to use a blunt or a joint, you can do the same thing. (Just make sure that you remember how potent it can be and that you are going to get a lot more of a high with a joint or a blunt!)


Moon Rocks are arguably one of the more unique and exciting cannabis products on the market and they are certainly one thing that all cannabis enthusiasts should try at least once in their lifetime. If you have heard about these products but want to learn more about what they are before you dive in, use this Moon Rocks guide as a reference for all your purchasing, making, and smoking needs! 

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