marijuana use among students

Marijuana Use Among College Students and Ways to Prevent It

While recreational use of marijuana is allowed in some states, students can easily lose concentration or interest to study if they start smoking it. Besides, this may bring the students’ interest in other kinds of drugs, much more dangerous than marijuana. 

And while they can benefit from using paper writing services like Write My Paper Hub to keep up with studies with the help of online academic experts, there are other effects that may permanently damage the future of such students.

Let’s discuss this controversial topic and find out what can be done to encourage students to focus on studies and not drugs.

Study finds Marijuana use among college students at 35-year high | The  Michigan Daily

Marijuana Consumption by College Students

Did you know that young people usually start smoking marijuana after they go to college? Dormitory life, new friends, parties, lots of ways to relax almost always lead to either alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. And while marijuana isn’t as dangerous as cocaine and other kinds of drugs, it may damage the results of those students greatly.

Around ⅕ of all college students smoke marijuana. Some do it to relax, others – to fall asleep faster. While there are medical and recreational benefits to it, none of those connect to improvement in learning.

In the 70s, the number of people smoking marijuana was much higher, and from 1977 to the 2000s, it has decreased to 17-22%. Nowadays, though, the numbers are rising rapidly again.

The Negative Effects of Marijuana Use

Most marijuana legalization activists state there are no negative effects of the drug. However, when you’re a student, you need concentration. And this is one of the things marijuana takes away from you. Let’s see all the negative effects of the drug:

Higher' Education? Daily Marijuana Use Among College Students Highest Since  1980 – CBS Detroit
  • Short-term effects like:
    • Difficulties with troubleshooting, problem-solving, and thinking overall;
    • Deterioration of the ability to concentrate on a task;
    • Deterioration of adequate perception of learning materials;
    • Problems with movement and coordination;
    • Potential fluctuations in heart rate;
    • Memory and learning skills deterioration;
    • Anxiety and even depression.
  • Negative effects on the brain, such as:
    • Disorganization;
    • Hallucinations;
    • Delusions.
  • Bone health problems;
  • Heart-connected problems;
  • Cough and other lung problems;
  • Increased risk of infections;
  • Potential cancer threat.

Some people are prescribed medical marijuana in particular dosages. However, excess recreational use may cause any of the aforementioned issues.

While acute health problems are relatively rare, deterioration of concentration and learning abilities are the major things students should focus on before choosing to smoke. There are some things teachers and parents can do to decrease the use of marijuana by students.

How to Combat Excessive Marijuana Use by College Students

Marijuana use among college students rose to 33% in 2015. Here are some things that can be done:

  • Talk to students about addiction problems.
    It’s easy to get addicted to any drug. They change your perception of reality, which is appealing to a lot of people, especially students. Studies put a lot of pressure on them, and sometimes, smoking marijuana is a way to relax and keep their minds off studies for a bit. It’s important to talk about addiction and how it can affect anyone’s life. We all go through stages where we want to try new things, but oftentimes, they bring us to the future we never wanted.
  • Talk about health issues that might arise.
    A lot of students don’t learn about the use of marijuana before trying it. Some may have heart or breathing problems that may deteriorate greatly. Talk to them about the consequences of frequent drug use. Invite people who had those issues and let them tell their stories. It’s important to instill proper facts and information. This will help young people make the right choices.
  • Talk about the importance of studies.
    This is a topic a lot of students may get angry about, but education is very important. Do it in a fun way, not a boring lecture way. Students don’t like boring lectures, and talking about something like alcohol or marijuana and their drawbacks is difficult. The topic is sensitive, so it’s wise to invite psychologists that can talk to young people in a way that will interest them.
  • Change the curriculum.
    Make studies fun for students. Be sure it’s not too strenuous and the young people understand how important it is to perform well and learn. Let them use the help of tutors, give additional assignments for those who need better grades, let them use some Internet sources for help.
  • Increase restrictions.
    While this may cause some consequences, a mild increase in restrictions may help a portion of students use marijuana less frequently. Consult the authorities on how to make the transition as safe as possible. Some students may find other places to smoke than a dorm, but it’s possible that these restrictions will help.
  • Offer help.
    Provide the students with information about hotlines and phycological help they can get. The info should be always accessible for those who are addicted or doubting if they want to continue smoking.

To Summarize

Marijuana is one of the (if not the most) popular drugs in the USA. The effect can last for as long as 3 hours. And while it’s used for medical and recreational purposes legally in some states, it’s not recommended for students unless prescribed.

There are negative effects of this drug that can damage students’ performance. In studies, concentration and motivation are very important things.

It’s possible to stop the spread by improving restrictions and talking to students.

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