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KandyPens Oura Review

KandyPens has always been a brand about the elevated consumption of wax concentrates and other extracts. They have released multiple devices, mostly portable vaporizers like dab pens, oil pens, and box mods that offer a superior build and overall impeccable quality. They are the go-to brand for anyone wanting to enjoy a higher experience when dabbing their select materials. That’s why everyone expected for the brand to be one of the first few companies to release eRigs at the time when the market saw a great deal of similar devices being launched and released by many other companies. However, they didn’t.  

In this article, we’ll talk about the KandyPens Oura, the brand’s entry to the eRig platform and why late doesn’t always mean you’re behind the game.  

Kandypens Oura : Dabs

Let’s begin this story when Puffco released the Peak. While there certainly are already similar products on the market, they were only a few and the release of the Peak was the only time that eRigs were considered mainstream. Call it innovative design or just good marketing, the Puffco Peak made headline and caused many manufacturers to stop at what they’re doing and develop a similar device to get their share of the growing niche. A lot of companies followed suit – even those that we haven’t heard about were selling similar devices claiming to be industry veterans. However, this only shows that overzealous companies jumping in the bandwagon proved that experience and tenure matters. Majority of the eRigs on the market, especially the ones that came from unknown brands, either arrived with broken parts or had ones that broke immediately. KandyPens saw this and knew they had tom learn from others’ mistakes. When the time was ripe, they announced the launch of the Oura.  

The KandyPens Oura 

Yeah, you’ve read that right. It’s Oura not “aura.”  

KandyPens used all then knowledge they had on building vaporizers coupled with how vaporization works and paired it with empirical data they’ve gathered on the available eRigs at that time. That information was used in designing and developing what was to be one of the best eRigs the industry has to offer.  

The KandyPens Oura is outfitted with a slew of features that were carefully thought of. It checked all the right boxes and gave consumers with a device that will last – literally. Here’s a quick look at what the Oura had to offer.  



Of course, no one wants a device that can’t keep up with them or one that’s fragile and the folks at KandyPens knew that. That’s why they used only the most reliable and most durable raw materials in designing and developing the Oura. First, the body of the eRig had to be made with a relatively durable material and their choice is zinc alloy. Zinc alloy has many applications and is widely used in various industries because of its light weight and durable properties. This imbues the Oura from KandyPens with lightweight and durable properties. It was befitting in terms of design and engineering as the KandyPens Oura was supposed to be a portable eRig. One you can travel with and bring with you almost anywhere you go and using raw materials that can cause the eRig to be heavy is detrimental to its design. That said, its zinc alloy shell protects the Oura from minor manifestations of wear and tear. The shell is smooth and seamless.  

The glass that sits on top of the battery protected by the zinc alloy shell is handmade and offers superior durability. These glass components are made not only with attention to detail but with passion. KandyPens hire only passionate artisans who know exactly what they’re doing and those who have a clear idea of what glassblowing or glass making is. This way, KandyPens can be sure that the glass components that they use on the Oura are up to their specifications.  

The KandyPens Oura Vape Review: An Oura of Excellence

Vapor Quality  

Not only is the KandyPens Oura made to last but it was made to provide you the best-tasting vapors with truly potent effects. To make that happen, the folks at KandyPens outfitted the Oura with a nichrome coil. The coil effectively and efficiently heats the cups to vaporize your select materials. The cups come in two variants, a ceramic cup and a quartz cup. Ceramic is capable of providing you with flavorful hits as it allows the low and slow heating of your extracts which hits the right temperature level for your wax concentrates to release the effects from its natural terpenes and flavonoids. On the other hand, quartz heats up fast and gets to reach scorching temperature levels enough to extract the potent active ingredients from your wax concentrates. Both the cups or atomizers are capable of clean and smooth vaporization minimizing the production of irritants that can harm you and your system.  

This is paired by a smart system that gives the KandyPens Oura its iconic preset temperature settings. The temperature levels range from 620° F, 860° F, 980° F, and 1090° F. The KandyPens Oura is backed by a 3000mAh battery that gives it the ability to provide you lasting sessions.  

Speaking of which… 

A Lifetime Warranty  

Amidst all the durable materials and innovative engineering this eRig has to offer, it’s backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty. That’s right, it’s as if purchasing one unit entitles you to a device that can potentially last you a lifetime. Warranty includes all parts which means you’re pretty much secure and can use the KandyPens Oura for the rest of your dabbing days.  

On that note, the timing of the release of the KandyPens Oura cannot be more perfect. While they may have arrived late in the game, they definitely had beneficial data and were keen to observe the current eRig releases at that time. Not that they had to see what others put out first before they release their own but because KandyPens is a company that can’t afford to make any mistakes. They have established the brand as the premiere dab pen company and they can’t let a little mistake break their somewhat undefeated streak.  

When shopping for KandyPens Oura and other KandyPens products make sure to shop at VapeActive.  

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