Strainbase: Database for Cannabis Enthusiasts and Seed Buyers

The useful information appeared to be originating from those home breeders confident enough to post their practices on the internet. Primarily their exclusive source was a newsgroup of marijuana enthusiasts dedicated in the cultivation of cannabis. Following came a web-based forum and an internet relay chat room on exchanging their experiences and ideas regarding certain cannabis strain. These forums and chat rooms contributed feedback and information on various strains from real growers and experienced breeders operating in an actual grow room surroundings. Many added strain comparisons, yields experience and genetics histories that were commonly unavailable to the home breeder anywhere else.


Nevertheless, the view of those web-based forums, internet relay chat rooms, and websites online was fleeting, particularly in the early days. It is ephemeral when researching a specific strain of seed online. The seed dispenser or online seller that sells the strain had posted a web page online including educational information of its cultivation properties and genealogy. Buyers, practitioners, and researchers bookmarked the page for later reference and further research, only to notice it had withdrawn a month following when they visit the web page. Researcher, seed buyer, and cannabis cultivator, connoisseur, and enthusiasts determined to create archiving strain data so that this would never happen again.

Every strain database needs a method of structure, classification, and thorough analysis. A suitable system or methods of labeling can contribute as much information regarding an exclusive record in the database as the record data itself. Strain database sorted by the origin of the strain and the breeding genealogy. That is, strains are classified principally by the range from which they have initially cultivated, and further, by their generative system. Seed dispenser or grower do not host them. Strain database charters seed distributor and seed bank data, but it is a non-commercial seed list. It is by a plan, to cut through the record of smart selling tactics which a particular strain is advertised as the strain everyone must have and more efficiently classify strains that are related or merely scanty modifications from each other. The geographic analysis is moderately subjective in that Cannabis breeders from the origin of cultivation have traversed the globe to discover and interact with different strains of the marijuana plant. So it could be stated that all Cannabis strains have the similar region of birth considerably that of Indo-Asia, the area approximately including Afghanistan, India, Iran, Nepal, and Pakistan. Data builders have decided the section in which a strain was first generalized and preserved as its root for Strainbase. Natural or open-pollinated Strains that were initially plucked everything from their natural surroundings, such as Afghani, the earliest species of cannabis believed to have grown in its geographic origin and Durban, the South African port city, have been labeled as founding from their original regions. Strains that are mostly processed variants of existing strains are classified under the area of the origin of their ancestors, even though the clarifications may have taken place halfway around the globe.



Strainbase is a study tool designed for use by cultivators of recreational and medicinal Cannabis. It should not mean to acknowledge any involvement in illegal exercises. Research and studies is an individual choice entirely transmitted up to the producer after each appropriate legal and medical implications have.

Strainbase is the earliest disciplined and thorough effort to document the legacy of market Cannabis strains. Strainbase began in 1997 as many efforts to archive growers’ records on Cannabis strains that had swiftly become publicly accessible throughout the world wide web. Learning the history of genealogy for these classes is has displayed complex as market breeders have taken an frequently restrictive outlook towards this data. Reliable data on many of these strains was critically lacking. Breeders and growers had only the seed dispensers’ catalog information to move on. Frequently that information, even from the best seed companies, was continued on smart selling tactics which a particular strain is advertised as the strain everyone must have and slight on original breeding terms.

This approach misrepresents both a shortage of creativity and loss of insight on the division of the secured commercial seed banks. These businesses are overprotective of the heritage data because they consider the call to promote each new hybrid as uniquely novel, never before seen variation. Moreover frequently, the revelation is that most popular and anticipated strain of the year which costs triple is merely an improved crossbreed of last year’s common strain also-ran. Strainbase’s legacy data is an effort to direct growers and breeders on real heredity rather than regular promotion.

Commercial Cannabis breeding, while it has risen remarkably over a decade, continues in its opening as a business, with some upright norms. Without such a system of demeanor, those breeders who attempt to offer reliable erudition on their strains can set themselves at a business liability to the vendors and the unauthorize promoter. By operating the smart selling tactics which a particular strain advertised as the strain everyone must have competition, they further reduce the importance of their benefactions as qualified breeders. To dispute that a new strain has an immediate ancestor to the parental strain or the original strain not merely takes the seed consumer of valuable data but also decreases any donation by the breeder in the adoption and cross-breeding of the strain. Genealogy data is not a formula for generating a strain. One good example for this scenario is the TH Seeds Cold Creek Kush may be a cross of the legendary Colorado heavyweight Chem 91 and the Colorados powerful MK Ultra, but no experienced grower or breeder assumes that if he crosses those two varieties of strains, he will create a hybrid precisely like the TH Seeds Cold Creek Kush.


A parallel study can be performed with fine red wine. Award-winning winemaker doesn’t bother of exposing the strains they practice fermenting or produce a special bottle of red wine because they and their consumers appreciate that the nature of a distinct classification has as significant to do with how the wine was fermented or produced as what it was composed with. There are likewise several other significant factors that affect the result exceeding the species of grape used and other elements during the fermentation. Thus, cheap bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine sell alongside with more expensive bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine, and no expert connoisseur of wine considers them identical in terms of smell, texture, alcohol content or as a whole. Favorably, as the Cannabis seed breeding market develops, so are breeders’ stance towards exposing the genealogy and cultivation data. This is usually indisputable in the modern contemporaries of exclusive breeders that have arrived on the cannabis setting in the last couple of years. Breeders around the globe are favoring to expose the genealogy and other characteristics of their strains because they have come to realize that such data is beneficial for the consumer and thus helpful for the business.

Furthermore, in exhibiting the culture of their cross breeds and hybrids, they are presenting their breeding abilities and exceptional skill in the lead and moving continuously from the idea that a strain’s ancestral compound is its most worth selling point. In doing so, they are building excellent qualities and characteristics of the organized strains, some of which like the hybrid Dieseltonic by Spain’s Resin Seeds is already popular for its medicinal purposes are enormous due to its extraordinary levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) and just the right amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the controversial, legendary OG Kush. By utilizing a clear approach regarding their breeding designs and techniques, they emphasize the original reference of excellence in their strains, the processed analysis, experience, perseverance, and abilities of the skilled breeder. These are points no sale mercenaries or copycats can recreate with a simple formula. Thus, the process varies from different element around the growing environment, this includes factors from light, temperature, and humidity.


Cannabis strain database is beneficial to all cannabis seed buyer, seller, grower, breeder and even doctors and experts practicing medical cannabis.


As the technology grows, more breeders are open in exchanging their results in crossbreeding multiple strains of cannabis. More doctors and experts are interested in those strain as they develop a new technique for processing the medicinal factors of each the newly bred strain. Some breeders also consult these experts regarding their discovery and help to achieve their common interests.

The gathered information from the breeders, experts, buyer, and seller are now available online through the seed bank or dispensary website and the growing cannabis community network around the world wide web but limited in terms of the intellectual property of the creator or inventor and designer.

Strainbase is widely utilized by students dedicated to medical cannabis awareness, the practitioner of medicine, biology, and botany. On the other side, the recreational user of marijuana also uses the Strainbase in experimenting the yield effect from their chosen strain. These users also contribute data regarding their findings and experiences from the strain to the strainbase.


Natalie Gray - Author - THE IMPORTANCE OF STRAIN DATABASE FOR CANNABIS ENTHUSIASTS AND SEED BUYERSNatalie Gray is a Biochemical Engineer. She works in the Research and Development team that focuses on the design and construction of unit processes. She is a recreational marijuana supporter and her love for organic chemistry brought her to medical cannabis. She grows her own flowers, working on different projects and study everything above and under cannabis roots.

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