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How To Use Vivosun Grow Tent To Grow Cannabis

Nurturing your cannabis plants is a fun way to spice up your planting experience. When growing cannabis plants, you’ve got three main options to keep them healthy and safe: have an indoor growing room, use Growing Cabinets, or utilize a Grow Tent. Among these choices, using a Grow Tent is an interesting method. This article discusses the Grow Tent option for growing cannabis. 

What Is A Grow Tent?

In the gardening landscape, a Grow Tent is basically a term used to describe a portable and reusable grow room that mimics a tent’s appearance. The tent characterizes an exterior made up of durable canvas and an interior with generous reflective materials used to amplify the lighting for plant growth. Planting novices may be surprised and confused when they hear about Grow Tents. However, connoisseurs love using Grow Tents because of their ability to foster fast and high-quality yields. 

Before buying a Grow Tent for your cannabis plants, it’s important to know the considerations to keep in mind. Cannabis plants are unique. They can propagate anywhere, but they require controlled conditions for good quality and high yields. 

Usually, cannabis growers opt for stealth growing to keep nosy people away from their garden. Hence, it makes sense to have a separate growing space. For growing the best quality cannabis plants, your tent provides you with the most crucial factor, a controlled indoor growing environment. 

When shopping for a Grow Tent, keep in mind the essential requirements for cannabis plants to grow bountifully. Also, read online reviews on reputable cannabis websites to get an idea about which Grow Tents are currently popular in the market. The review of the Vivosun Grow Tent is an example. The tent is an appealing Grow Tent option that is great for both cannabis planting beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

Once you’ve bought your Vivosun Grow Tent, you’re now ready to become a cannabis parent. Here are some tips and steps in using this sturdy and affordable Grow Tent.

Assembling and Installation

First, it’s essential to know that Vivosun Grow Tents come in different sizes. Thus, make sure you find the best dimensions for your designated cannabis growing space. Vivosun tent volumes range from 11.25 cubic feet (smallest) to 666.7 cubic feet (largest). The biggest challenge for the cannabis grower is to make the most out of the available indoor space. This is because, unlike Growing Cabinets, you can’t stack up cannabis plants vertically in a Grow Tent. 

Whatever size or model of Vivosun tent you purchase, it’ll have some necessary components. To assemble the Grow Tent, unbox the package first and check whether all the components are present. The set must contain the following tent components:

  • Tent or canopy, with the overall dimensions of the tent
  • Hanging bars, for hanging lights and other equipment
  • Vertical bars, for structural support
  • Base and roof bars, for foundation support
  • Floor or spill tray, for catching any dirt and water
  • Corner adapters, for connecting the frame pieces
  • Support straps, specifically for heavy carbon filters
  • Window covers

If you’ve unpacked and checked the components and realized that one or two pieces are missing, you should contact Vivosun. They have excellent customer service. Thus, it’ll be easy for you to get the missing components.

Every tent set comes with an instruction manual for easy assembly and installation. The manual provides illustrations with texts to explain the setup better. Make sure to follow the instructions properly. If you encounter any trouble, Vivosun staff is just a phone call away. 

Grow Lights

Setting up the grow lights correctly is paramount for cannabis plant yield and quality. To assemble your grow lights in the tent, utilize the hanging bars to attach the hood and tilt the lights towards your desired angle and position. Then, organize your plugs and timer from the light hoods, and connect the equipment to the electric source neatly.

The tent’s size and quality determines how many grow lights to use. The interior of Vivosun tents consists of diamond nylon material. Not only is the material highly reflective, but it also dispenses light evenly across the whole tent. 

Airflow and Ventilation System

Locating your Grow Tent in a cool environment is more convenient than placing it in a hot place and surrounding it with air conditioning. Using carbon filters is optional, but the filters can positively impact air quality and odor. To install carbon filters on your Vivosun tent, locate the ventilation holes, and attach the filters. If the carbon filters are heavy, you can support them with the carbon filter straps.

The air inside the tent shouldn’t leak outside the tent. Otherwise, the plants will not receive enough airflow. Also, the filter is vital for filtering out pungent odours. Along with the carbon filter, ensure that you’ve got a good inline fan and suitable ducting.

Fortunately, the ventilation holes in Vivosun tents are double-lined for an airtight seal. You don’t have to worry that air will escape the tent from time to time. 

Miscellaneous Equipment

Aside from the fundamentals, there are other tools and equipment you can opt to add inside the Grow Tent. They’re beneficial for the plants. However, make sure that you keep it simple. Overcrowding the tent with unnecessary equipment can affect the yield of the cannabis plant.

Some optional equipment that you can add are:

  • Digital hygrometer: Essential for tracking humidity and water vapor levels and keeping them at optimal levels
  • pH meter: Measures the pH level of the soil and water which is crucial for plant nutrition
  • Programmable timer: Can be manual or digital, schedules the usage of grow lights
  • Pruners: A pair of sharp pruners to assist you in cutting, trimming, and harvesting the plant

These pieces of equipment are typically attached to your hanging bars or vertical bars. Vivosun tents can handle the weight of these equipment because the tents have durable metal steel bars. The hanging bars are also adjustable so that you can position the equipment however you like. 

Some tools, like the digital hygrometer and programmable timer, have magnets at the back. Instead of hooking or strapping them into the bars, you can simply attach them by magnetic attraction. Vivosun tents can accommodate these types of tools since the bars are made of steel.

As for the pruners, the Vivosun tent has a roomy pocket inside the tent to accommodate a few tools that should always be handy. You can also place a pair of pruners, carbon filter straps, fertilizers, and many other such equipment and items. 

Key Takeaways

Indeed, a Grow Tent is an exciting way to nurture your cannabis plants like a pro. Aside from choosing the right cannabis strain and seeds to plant, the entire growing environment must be conducive for excellent growth of cannabis plants. Thanks to the high quality of Vivosun Grow Tents and their amazing features, you can grow your cannabis plants the right and optimal way. You will keep smiling because of the great quality and high yield.

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