how to increase your high

How to Increase Your High

For some, the goal of smoking is to provide certain benefits for their body, such as pain or stress relief. For those who use marijuana recreationally, however, the goal is to reap all of the psychoactive benefits that cannabis has to offer.

How to Increase Your High

Some people are just starting to smoke marijuana while others are looking to consistently improve your experience over time. Here are some tips on how to increase your high when your current bud or products just aren’t giving you the high that you want. 

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Pick a High THC Strain

While the internet has plenty of amazing uses, one excellent way that you can put it to good use is by learning more about your marijuana strains and what kind of highs they provide. Whether you choose an Indica or a Sativa, you are going to want to make sure that your bud is rich in THC. The higher the content, the higher you are going to get when you break it down and smoke it. Whenever you are planning on going shopping for weed, jump online or call your local dispensary to see what they have and do your research. You can also ask your local budtender which strain may be best for your needs when you visit the dispensary. 

Take a Tolerance Break

As it is with all drugs, our bodies adjust to certain chemicals and begin to build a tolerance to them. This makes it hard to achieve the same high that we have felt in the past if we are accustomed to smoking a certain amount of marijuana regularly. Rather than continuously trying to increase your previous dosage, consider taking a tolerance break and give your body time to forget about weed. When you take up smoking again, the highs will be more potent and you will have lost some of that tolerance. 


If you don’t mind trying out new things and you are tired of the same high that you are receiving from weed, you should consider taking a dab every once in a while. For those who may not know, dabbing is the practice of heating up THC concentrates to extreme heats and inhaling the vapor. Because the material is made up of pure THC, you can get high exceptionally quick. Next time you are buying weed, consider doing more research on dab pens and dab rigs to see if it may be something you are interested in using. 

Change Your Smoking Routine

The less frequently you smoke, the more likely you are to get high when you do. People who smoke every day, for example, have built up such a tolerance that it may be difficult for them to get as high as they used to. People who smoke a couple of days a week or every so often, however, get higher with less weed. If you are truly looking to get high with ease, consider changing up your smoking routine to make each session that much better. 


Don’t let edibles fool you. Although they may look like they can’t do too much damage, these delicious treats can get you really high rather quickly. Just ask anyone who has gotten impatient while waiting for the high to hit and had too many at once. If you are a fan of treats and getting very high at the same time, this is an excellent way that you can achieve both of your goals. 

Eat Mangoes Before You Smoke

There are a lot of strange recommendations out there about getting higher, and you have to be very careful about which ideas you choose to use in order to accomplish that sought after high. Fortunately, as strange as it may sound, eating mangoes before you smoke is actually a way to improve your high. Why? Mangoes contain their own terpenes: myrcene. This terpene is known for both increasing the duration and quality of your high. If you have some mangoes hanging around your house, consider chopping one up and eating it before your smoke sesh. 

Add Ice Cubes to Your Bong

While this is not necessarily a trick that will help you to get higher, this is a trick that will make getting higher far easier. This is due to the fact that, despite a bong’s best effort to keep your throat protected by using water filtration methods, bong hits are still pretty harsh on your throat. By adding ice cubes to your bong, you lower the heat level substantially and make it easier for you to take massive hits, which will get you higher in the process. 

Eat Foods Rich in Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are said to activate the endocannabinoid system in your body, allowing your THC to be absorbed more efficiently when you decide to smoke or otherwise absorb it. While you can get Omega-3 fatty acids naturally in your diet, mostly through the consumption of fish, you can also use supplements to make sure that you are getting your daily recommended amount. This will also make it easier to ensure that you already have plenty of it in your body when you go to take your next toke! 

Healthy Fats

As you may have already noticed, a great diet contributes quite a bit to the overall quality of the high that you experience. Another way to improve your health and your high at the same time is to consume more foods that contain healthy fats (and no, that doesn’t include pizza, donuts, or ice cream). Certain chemicals within these fats keep the body functioning optimally, which, in turn, makes it easier for you to get high. 

healthy fats for marijuana

Dark Chocolate

If you like dark chocolate, then you are going to enjoy the fact that your favorite candy can also enhance the effects of your favorite herbs. Loaded with antioxidants and calming chemicals, dark chocolate enhances the high by boosting your relaxation and your health, when eaten in moderation. As it is with most of these foods, try consuming some dark chocolate and getting into the right headspace prior to smoking or consider purchasing an edible with dark chocolate in it. 

Cardio/Working Out

You don’t often think about working out when you think about getting high. However, being physically fit may actually improve your marijuana experience. Besides improving your lung capacity and circulation, exercising burns body fat, which is said to slow down THC and make it harder for it to do its job. Next time you think about smoking, hit the gym first to get prepared!

Drink Tea

If tea is your go-to when you are feeling stressed, it may also be your new beverage when you want to get high. Tea contains a host of antioxidants and herbs (some of which may have terpenes) that activate your endocannabinoid system and help you to relax. Whether you drink black tea to start your day, green tea to burn fat, or lavender tea before bed, you are sure to find the right pre-smoking drink. 


Meditation is more about mindset than it is about physically impacting the body. That said, if this is something you do anyway, you may want to look into meditating prior to smoking to make it easier for you to have a “higher” mindset. You may even enjoy doing it just for the mental benefits it will have for you. 

meditation and marijuana


Nuts, which also fall into the healthy fats section and can include various terpenes that help to improve your high, make it easier for your THC to make its way into the brain, allowing more to get into your noggin faster. You can either incorporate more nuts into your diet prior to smoking or you can look for edibles (or make your own) that have nuts baked into your goods. 

Foods High in Terpenes

Besides some of the foods we have already mentioned on this list, there are plenty of other foods out there that contain terpenes that can further enhance your smoking experience. These foods include broccoli, sweet potatoes, and herbs like sage or thyme.

Grind Your Weed

Although most weed smokers may already do this, some new users may be breaking down buds with their fingers. Grinding your weed allows you to fit more weed into your bowl, which gives you a better high if you are able to smoke more at a time. If you purchase a grinder with multiple parts, you can also pile the loosened kief on top of your bowl, which will further add to your high as well. 


Overall, there are plenty of ways to improve your high if you feel as though you are not getting high enough. If you are looking to make your highs better and stronger, use the many tips above prior to your next session!

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