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How To Be Efficient With Your Herbal Vaporizer

This article discusses how vaping and the use of herbal vaporizers came about. These days, the use of dry herb vaporizers are becoming more popular and is leading to different industries coming up with more and more innovations while creating the best weed vaporizers. In fact, herbal vaporizers has created a trend and is creating a new market. Find out why some people prefer to vape their herbs instead of smoking it.

Smoking has been a part of the human culture for thousands of years. Matter of fact, smoking started in 4000 B.C. as a shamanistic ritual. From then on, it was passed around the world as different forms of smoking rose. Cannabis was smoked before tobacco was which were predominant in the Middle East. However, regular smoking turned into water pipes like hookahs. Over the years, smoking was more accepted until the late 1990s when people were realizing the diseases that came from it. It started becoming a taboo in the eyes of many but people were having a hard time quitting. In the mid-2000’s vaporizers were slowly being introduced. It wasn’t until around 2010-2011 when vapes started popping up everywhere.

Becoming Efficient with Vapes

The difference between smoking and vaporizers varies greatly. However, unlike smoking, vaping requires a bit more knowledge. Rather than picking up your herbs, putting it in a pipe and lighting it, vaping needs your attention to make sure you’re being efficient. Follow these steps to make sure you’re vaping your cannabis correctly.

Don’t pack too tight

don't pack cannabis in a herbal vaporizer too tight

The first thing you want to remember is packing your bowl for your pipe is much different than for a vape. When you load your herbal chamber in your vape pen, you don’t want to pack it down tight. Smoking a bowl in a pipe just gets burned up. The ambers keep traveling across, eventually burning the whole herb. This is called the cherry. For vaping, this doesn’t happen. Instead, the heat that fills up the chamber heats it all up together. This is why you want your herbs to have space for hot air to travel through.

Make sure your herbs are not too moist

To be able to get it to heat up enough to vaporize helps when your herbs are pretty dry. This makes it easier and puts less strain on your vape. If you pull apart your herbs and notice they’re crumbly, that’s good. If they still have some moisture, place it into a glass jar with the top slightly open. Place it under the sun for a couple hours.

Grind it up really well

grind the cannabis properly for use with a herbal vaporizerUsing a grinder is very helpful when you want to vape. Trying to smoke a big nug, you will realize it doesn’t produce smoke like it would if you were to break apart the nug. Vaping is exactly the same. You want to make sure you get an even heat distribution throughout the chamber. Making sure your herbs are ground up is great but make sure they’re not too fine. Keif or powdered herbs will not work well as they can clog up the mouthpiece. This will also work great for medical marijuana users who want a mellow effect as herbal vaporizers are great at that.

Figure out the perfect temperature for your herbs

Every dry herb is going to have a different temperature at which it vaporizes. Knowing the different temperatures will definitely help you achieve optimal vapor in your herbal vaporizer. Most devices come with temperature options because they know their customers will be using it for different types of herbs. For example, cannabis vaporizes best around 356°F (180°C) to 410°F (210°C). Chamomile and Damiana both vaporize at 374°F (190°C). Lavender and St. John’s Wort vaporize at about 266°F (130°C).

cannabis kept in jars to maintain moisture

Another thing that comes from finding your perfect temperature is the flavor. You can taste the difference in flavor in your herbs. One of the benefits vaporizers give you is the fact that you can taste your vapor far more than you can from smoking.

You don’t have to wait for your herbal vaporizer to reach the temp. you’ve set for it. You can put your temperature and while it is heating up, start grinding up your herbs. This can help you a bit. The best way to go about this is trial and error. Keep heating them up at 30 seconds intervals to find the right spot.

Avoid combustion

Avoiding combustion is the probably the main reason you’re using an herbal vape pen. There are two ways to do this. The first is by using the optimal temperature. This will help vaporize only what needs to be. The other is to make sure you don’t get a conduction vaporizer. A convection vaporizer is where the herbs don’t touch the heating coils. Conduction vaporizers have the herb directly touch the coil so it burns it. It does the same thing as if you’re smoking it, which you might as well do if you’re using one of these vape pens.

If you do have a herbal vaporizer that uses conductive heating, purchase a honeycomb glass screen to help you avoid this. The glass screen sits on top of the coils to let the heat transfer up across the herbs rather than apply direct heat.

Inhale slowly

inhaling a herbal vaporizer slowly when vaping marijuana

This is a new one for most people because you see a bunch of people vaping box mods really hard. Most beginner vapers think it’s similar to smoking and they inhale the vapor really hard. The chamber slowly heats the herbs and when you draw air. The harder you draw it in, the more you take away from the chamber heating up. When it is done heating up, inhale very slowly and you will fill the vapor fill up in your lungs slowly. If your herbs are too ground up, you will notice tiny flakes flying into your mouthpiece. This can cause clogging and loss of airflow.

Maintain your herbal vaporizer

maintaining your herbal vaporizer

The final thing to do should be obvious and it goes for anything else you want to last. Always maintain your herbal vaporizer properly. Keep the outside and the chamber clean. Depending on the type of vape you have, you can use an alcohol pad to clean it the inside or dab a q-tip into isopropyl alcohol to clean it. The chamber will tend to get gunky and filled up with residue rather quickly. You can also use a pipe cleaner which works very well. Simply clean as deep as you can while also getting it all around.

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