What Your Favorite Vape Flavor Says About Your Personality

If you love vaping, you probably have a favorite vape flavor. Whether you’re drawn to fruity goodness, candy sweetness, or something a little more subtle, your choice of flavor says something about you. Wondering what your favorite vape flavor says about you? Read on to learn more about CBD e-liquid flavors and get some vape tips to enjoy a better experience!

Strawberry Vape Flavor

There’s something about the strawberry that feels so quintessentially “fruit.” This must be the reason so many lip balms, yogurts, and restaurant hand soaps tend to be strawberry flavored. strawberry-flavored-vape

Strawberries may be quintessential, but they’re not generic. They’re sweet and wholesome. If your favorite vape flavor is strawberry, then you’re the one who sticks to your own tastes and guns no matter how trends change over time. Your middle school friends picked up soda flavored lip balms and you stuck to strawberry. Your friends vape mint chocolate chip ice cream flavors and you stick to strawberry. You know what you like and you won’t let anyone influence your opinion.

Blueberry Vape Flavor

vaping-blue berry flavor

If you think about it, blueberries really pack a punch. Their skin is an intense shade of dark blue and each tiny blueberry has so much juice. The taste is shockingly sweet and sour. They’re healthy too. Blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants you can find in the supermarket.

Like the blueberry, you shine brightly in all aspects of your life. You work hard, play hard, and like to be very productive. You succeed too — things are mostly going smoothly for you because you made it that way. Blueberry flavored vape refreshes you and give you a burst of flavor when you’re taking a break from all that action that is your life.

Cherry Vape Flavor

cherry-flavored-vapeThe go-to flavor for candies, throat lozenges, and lip balms, cherry flavored products are everywhere you look. Cherry bomb isn’t a thing for no reason. Although cherries are so ubiquitous, they can take courage to handle. Their ruby red skin is supple and smooth. Their tart taste always feels like a real treat. Being able to tie their stems into knots in your mouth is even said to be an indicator of how well you can kiss! If you love cherry flavored vape, you have the courage to take on something very sexy. This means that you are probably pretty sexy, confident, and exciting, yourself.

Pineapple Vape Flavor

The pineapple is on the fringes of the fruit family. It’s unusual and exotic, with an unexpected flavor that tantalizes your sense. Is it sweet? Sour? A little of both? Many people love the flavor of tropical fruits for their sweetness, but pineapples offer a new twist on some classic flavors. pineapple

If you’re in love with the flavor of pineapple in your vape or in your life, you’ve got some unique characteristics that make up your personality. You’re a hip, unapologetic individual with a creative and adventurous slant, no matter what field you work in. You’re ready to take on the world and everyone in it!

Cotton Candy Vape Flavor

vape-cotton candy flavor

Growing up means giving up on a lot of childhood loves. By adulthood, most people give up bubble gum, candy corn, jawbreakers, jigsaw puzzles, and coloring books. Cotton candy, of course, is also on this list. Even if some adults will partake in this delicious, magical treat once in awhile, few become excited every time they see it.

If cotton candy is your vape flavor, then you probably never lost touch with the fun-first attitude you had as a child. While you may appear more adult now, you still have your priorities straight. You are driven by your desire for happiness, as you should be! Never lose your sweet tooth or your penchant for adventure and fun.

Vanilla Vape Flavor

The Internet gave vanilla a bad rap when it made it into a synonym for conventional. It’s time to restore this flavor to its former glory. Sure, vanilla may be a default flavor (of ice cream mostly), but this definitely doesn’t mean that vanilla has NO flavor. You’ll know this if you’ve ever had vanilla ice cream made with top-quality ingredients, or if you’ve ever opened a little bottle of vanilla extract and given it a sniff.

If your favorite vape flavor is vanilla, then you’re the kind of person who has always adored your parents and grandparents, and never been afraid to show it. You like to help people. You’re sweet, but not sickly sweet. You’re dependable, loyal, and honest — you make a great friend.

Finding Your Favorite Vape Flavor

picture of a vape

Whether you use your favorite vape flavors with medical cannabis or on their own, enjoying your vape flavoring is essential. Personalities and preferences have one big thing in common – they can both shift. Vaper’s tongue is a phenomenon that occurs when you’ve vaped too much of a certain flavor, to the point that you no longer taste it anymore. When this happens, it’s time to wave a temporary goodbye to your old favorites and become attached to a new flavor!

If you’re looking for something new to try with a flavor you love, explore DIY cannabis e-liquid for a different kind of vaping high.

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