hemp seed oil vs cbd oil

Exploring Hemp Seed Oil Vs. CBD Oil

Do you know the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD (cannabidiol) oil? Are you thinking about trying CBD oil products but aren’t sure what to expect? Or are you interested in learning more about the applications of CBD oil and hemp seed oil?
Read on for a closer look at these two products, what they have in common, how they differ, and how they’re used. You’ll come away with a better understanding of these increasingly popular formulations and their potential benefits.

This infographic was created by Neurogan, a provider of CBD gummies

A Closer Look at Cannabis and Hemp
In 2018, Congress passed a bill that made it possible for states to legalize hemp and its byproducts, which included CBD products.

Hemp and cannabis (marijuana), are different varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. The species name of both varieties is the same, so they’re often grouped together, which can cause confusion.

Cannabis contains THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound that produces a feeling of being “high.” While some states have legalized it, it remains illegal in others. Marijuana has about 17% THC while hemp contains 0.3% THC.

Hemp typically averages 12% to 18% CBD, but it must contain less than 0.3% THC to be sold legally.

Hemp: A Plant With Many Uses

Hemp stalks are used in various ways, including:

·      Paper: Can be used to create paper or cardboard and is easily recycled.
·      Building materials: Used in cement blocks, concrete, insulation, and fiberboard.
·      Clothing: Can be worn and gets softer with each washing.
·       Medicinal: Can be extracted for teas, tinctures, and oils for pets and humans.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seeds do not contain CBD or THC; they’re cold-pressed to produce oil. The oil is then added to products including:

·      Milk: Hemp milk is a vegetarian alternative to dairy milk and an option for people with lactose issues. It has a sweet, creamy texture.
·      Breads, cookies, and snack bars: Can be added to baked goods to increase the amount of healthy fat.
·      Skincare products: Hemp contains antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins such as C, A, and E, making it beneficial for the skin.
·      Nail polish: Hemp seed oil can help build and repair your nails.
·      Shampoo: May help to reduce hair loss and make hair stronger.
·      Nutritional supplements: Over-the-counter nutritional supplements often contain hemp. 
·      Fuel: Can be used in the production of ethanol and biodiesel.

Hemp seed oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, gamma linolenic acid, vitamin B, vitamin D, and other antioxidants — substances that help the body’s cells protect themselves. Some research suggests that hemp seed oil may help lower total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (“bad”) cholesterol, and total triglycerides, as well as raise the levels of high-density lipoprotein (“good”) cholesterol. Hemp seed oil may also support better overall health and wellness by contributing to:

·      The condition of the skin
·      Normal digestive function
·      Healthy immune function


As its name indicates, CBD oil contains CBD. CBD oil is a byproduct of full-grown hemp plants. CBD oil comes in different extracts to meet different consumer needs. Full-spectrum CBD oil is one of the most popular and efficacious extracts, which means it contains all aspects of the hemp plant, including a low level of THC. Broad-spectrum CBD is an extract similar to full-spectrum CBD oil popular extract, but it has been processed in order to contain no THC. CBD isolate is an extract that contains only CBD and no other beneficial plant compounds.

CBD is a popular wellness product that can be used in:

Topicals: CBD oil is added to topical treatments designed to help support skin clarity as well as joint mobility.
Tinctures: Tinctures containing CBD let you absorb it quickly, under your tongue.
Edibles: The effects of CBD edibles may help to support discomfort and aches.  
Smokeables: CBD can be smoked via CBD cigarettes, CBD pre-rolls, and raw flowers for its benefits by those who prefer to use it in this way.
Pet care: CBD oil is added to pet care products and may help to support mood, as well as joint mobility.
People use CBD oil because in some cases it may help to support:
·      Healthy inflammatory function
·      A calm and relaxed mood
·      A good night’s sleep

Distinguishing Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil
As you can see, hemp oil and CBD oil have many differences, yet some brands confuse or mix up the terms. Because consumers will pay more for CBD oil, packaging may claim or imply that a product contains CBD oil when it does not.
To be certain of what you’re buying, pay close attention to the ingredients. If the product contains hemp seed oil, you will see “Cannabis sativa seed oil.” If the product contains CBD oil, however, you may see “PCR” or “PCR hemp extracts,” “full-spectrum hemp,” or “cannabidiol.” Many manufacturers also list the milligrams of hemp or CBD that the product contains. Read the label before you buy to ensure you’re making the right choice. For more information on the differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil, consult the accompanying infographic.
Author bio: Glory Rae Finnegan is content strategist and staff editor for Neurogan, a provider of CBD oils, gummies, balms, capsules, pre-rolls, and more. Finnegan has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Psychology. She is passionate about human psychology, destigmatizing mental health, animal advocacy and plant-based living.

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