Edible Cannabis Gummy Bears - Edible Cannabis Gummy Bears: A Detailed Review

Edible Cannabis Gummy Bears: A Detailed Review


Marijuana can be consumed in several ways. This blog speaks about an irresistible candy, the cannabis gummy bears, loaded with just the right amount of cannabis to ensure that the consumer experiences a wonderful happy high!


Marijuana or Cannabis gives people a wonderful high. But what if you don’t like smoking it? Is there another way that you can enjoy the benefits of that little swirl in your head without ingesting the smoke? Well, surprise, surprise! There are many cannabis edibles available in the market that will help you achieve that desired high!

EdiPure Cannabis Gummy Bears

EdiPure cannabis gummy bears

The most popular form of edible cannabis is the cannabis gummy bears. This sweet little candy gives you a sugar rush anyway, but it is so much better when loaded with cannabis! It is the dream of every pot savant! These cannabis gummy bears are known to have just enough cannabis so it doesn’t make your legs urn into jelly but helps you feel calm and relaxed.

The most common packaging of most of the edible cannabis gummy bears are in individual packs of 15 milligrams. They come in exciting flavors and cocktail combinations. The best thing about having such gummies is that it successfully avoids the terrible marijuana aftertaste in the mouth. Its sweet flavor lingers and you almost don’t notice that you’ve had a little dose of the hose.

The biggest problem though is almost certainly the fact that it takes awfully long to hit you. Many people report about a 35 to 40 minute reaction time, however, the general consensus stands at about an hour. No one wants to wait that long to get high. But then again, when it hits you, it hits you good. So, considering that, one can say that it is of a very good value for money.

Other Edible Cannabis Items

You’ll be surprised to know that gummies aren’t the only thing with a load of marijuana dropped into them. There are many other wonderful things that come with this wonderful surprise. Our favorites include:

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews- Edible Cannabis Gummy Bears: A Detailed Review

Very similar to the cannabis gummy bears, these sweet treats are chocolate flavored. They aren’t a delicacy but they definitely get you high.

Pot Chips

LOL Edibles Pot Chips

Now, these are an innovation in themselves. The only downside is you can’t tell exactly how much CBD there is per chip. So, if you are a betting person, you are welcome.

Voodoo Sour Straws

Voodoo Sour Straws

There may be many chocolates with infused CBD elements, but this is very unique! These Sour straws will put a funk in your steps. These sour straws are pretty inexpensive and have a good THC potency.

Wana Sour Gummies

Wana Sour Gummies

Back up on the gummy list are these sour gummies. These ones are little sour surprises coated in sugar and loaded with top of the class THC.

Slactavis Syrup

Slactavis Syrup

Want to keep your THC endeavors top secret, well this THC lean syrup could be your best friend. This little bottle bears up to 1,500 mg of THC. Drum roll, please!

Punch Chocolate Bar

Punch Chocolate Bar

Just like the name suggests this bar packs a punch. A sweet and strong delight meant (not) for the faint-hearted.

In closing, it is safe to say that there are different ways of consuming marijuana if you want to go easy on the lungs. The benefits of marijuana are not hidden from the world now. Having been used for the treatment of horrible diseases like cerebral palsy, arthritis and a few heart conditions, new and tasty ways of consuming CBD discreetly are making their way into the market.

What’s interesting is that you can pull up a few awesome DIY edible cannabis gummy bears or chocolate recipes from the internet. It’s cheaper and can give you the exact flavor profile (and concentration) that you are looking for!

Going the DIY Route

a woman smoking marijuana

The easiest DIY recipe we found was that of cannabis cookies! These cookies are delicious and make for a scrumptious snack. To make these cookies you need to get your hands on some cannabutter. Just replace the butter or fat used in a basic cookie recipe with some cannabutter and viola! Your awesome edible cannabis cookies are ready.

You can bake biscuits, make candies, drinks and more right at home, but it can be a very long and time- consuming process if you have to undertake the decarboxylation yourself. In case you find the cannabis in edible form, you can use it directly in any recipe. Make sure that you are careful of the concentration. Sometimes, cooking at home can be risky because it leaves you guessing about how much weight distribution you have achieved per cookie.

If you love cooking or just want to get creative, this is an experiment worth trying. If it works out well, you know what gifts to give your friends! They will love you for it!

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