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CBD Oil Vs CBN Oil Vs CBG Oil: Which Oil Works Best?

As the popularity of CBD oil, CBN oil and CBG oil grows, people are wondering if one is better than the other for delivering skin relief. There is a good reason too. Dry and itchy skin is a common condition plaguing people of all ages. It can be a lifelong skin issue, develop due to aging or occur during the winter months. Dry skin is not necessarily itchy skin, but dryness and itchiness frequently go hand in hand.

The Common Problem of Dry Itchy Skin

According to Mayo Clinic research, the risk of experiencing dry skin increases with age with 50-percent of older people developing dry skin. Harvard Health research found that 75-percent of people 64 years old or older experience dry skin.

However, aging is only one cause of dry and itchy skin. The dry cold air in the winter months or the dry air in a low-humidity climate can also lead to dry itchy skin. Research conducted for the skin care company CeraVe by Harris Poll in 2019 found that 77-percent of people experience dryness and 41-percent experience itchiness in the cold months.

These are many other reasons for developing dry or itchy skin. They include:

• Skin disease, like psoriasis and eczema
• Medications
• Keeping hands wet for long periods of time due to excessive washing
• Taking long hot showers on a regular basis
• Genes
• Chemicals in soap or other products

Dry skin is often accompanied with itchiness, tightness, flakiness and/or cracking too.

All about Moisture in the Skin

Dry itchy skin is very uncomfortable, so people naturally look for remedies. They start asking questions like, “What is the difference between CBD and CBN?” All they want is to find real relief.

The skin has three layers:

• Epidermis – top layer of skin which has layers of cells constantly renewing
• Dermis – the middle layer which contains oil and sweat glands, blood vessels nerves and hair follicles
• Hypodermis – lower layer of subcutaneous fat for insulation and energy storage

The epidermis consists mostly of lipid and protein, and together they work to prevent skin hydration. When these elements are deficient, moisture can evaporate. When enough moisture evaporates, the skin gets dry. The lower skin layers are much better at trapping and retaining moisture. It is the epidermis that dries out, flakes off and gets itchy.

The epidermis’ moisture retention process is often damaged by the reasons mentioned above – aging, environmental factors, chemicals in the water, genes, behaviors that promote drying and disease.

Replacing Moisture in the Skin

Applying creams and lotions is the usual treatment for dry and itchy skin. They can bring relief to skin discomfort related to skin diseases, the fourth most common cause of human illness. Moisturizers seal the skin so water cannot evaporate.

CBD oil, CBN oil and CBG oil are used in creams and lotions, but is one better than the other for soothing dry itchy skin? What is the difference between CBD and CBG oils, or what is the difference between CBD and CBN oils? These are common questions now as the variety of cannabinoid products grow.

Following is a brief review of the cannabinoid compounds:

  • CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol. CBD is extracted from hemp flowers and leaves. It may have small traces of THC, the psychoactive element. A study published by the JAMA Network found the concentration of unlabeled cannabinoids was quite low with THC detected in 18 out of the 84 samples. Most CBD oil does not have any THC.
  • • CBN is the acronym for cannabinol. It is extracted from older hemp plants after THC oxidizes and decomposes from exposure to heat and oxygen.
  • • CBG is the acronym for cannabigerol. CBG is obtained from young cannabis plants, so the cannabinoid is extracted before THC is formed.
  • The various plant extracts are added to a suspension oil, and the oil is added to creams and lotions for topical application. The oils are also used in a variety of other products, including pills and tinctures. Typical questions ask: What is CBN oil, or can you take CBD and CBG together

Buying Relief 

It is important to know what you are buying and to only buy from reliable vendors. If the products are labeled accurately, any two compounds taken together could work synergistically.

When shopping for products, it is natural to begin comparing CBN vs CBD or CBD vs CBG. Unfortunately, the research is scant – especially for CBN and CBG – though ongoing. A 2016 paper mentioned in the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine and published in Experimental Dermatology found different cannabinoids have unique properties. For example, CBG was found to increase basal sebaceous lipid synthesis, giving it high potential for treating dry-skin syndrome.

All three compounds are known anecdotally to reduce inflammation and pain, which is why the products grow in popularity as creams and lotions for aggravating skin issues, like dryness and itchiness.

The oils will not penetrate the skin below the epidermis so have low bioavailability. However, the creams and lotions can help seal the skin to protect against loss of moisture, and the CBD, CBN or CBG compound can soothe skin irritations. The oils can be applied directly to the skin too or mixed with a base like coconut oil to create a homemade paste. 

Try All Three Oils

There is a real need for more research. Dr. Nima Gharavi is a dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Hospital’s Cosmetic Dermatology Program. He said CBD may play a role in skin hydration and may have anti-inflammatory effect, making CBD helpful in treating dry skin or various skin disorders. He is quoted as saying, “However, more studies are needed to see if CBD or other chemical agents found in the cannabis plant directly improve skin quality and have other health benefits.”

This is the general belief among physicians for CBN and CBG products also. Dr. Melinda R. Ring, MD at the Northwestern Medicine Osher Center for Integrative Medicine says to always “read the reviews to ensure it has been tested, the ingredients are verified and there aren’t any contaminants.” Try all three products, and decide for yourself which one works best.

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