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CBD Oil for Managing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Its Associated Complications

Diabetes falls under the class of metabolic disorders. Its most common types include Type 1 and Type 2.

While Type-1 is caused by an autoimmune attack on the islet cells in the pancreas (which produce insulin), Type -2 diabetes is the result of defective insulin production and insulin resistance.

However, Type-2 Diabetes is the most common type.

In Sacramento alone, it has been reported that more than 40 percent of adults are on the verge of turning into a diabetic. If we compile this data, then it makes more than 14 million people in California being pre-diabetic/diabetic.

Although, there are a variety of prescription medications already available, however, they have the potential of causing side-effects.

Therefore, there is a need for medical innovations which could help millions of patients manage this condition.

Many people in Sacramento are now considering replacing their conventional treatment methods with marijuana-assisted medical therapies.

CBD is one of the compounds present in marijuana that is taking up all the limelight. This is because of its multifaceted approach towards managing many chronic conditions.

Thus, making CBD similar to an elixir, thereby making it an obvious choice as an alternative for managing diabetic disorders effectively.

Through this article, we will learn more about type-2 diabetes and its associated complications and how CBD oil can help manage this condition effectively.

Type-2 Diabetes Risk Factors:

  • Genetics

If there is a case of diabetes in the family, then chances of developing the disorder can significantly increase.

  • Obesity

This is the primary risk factor associated with the development of Type-2 Diabetes.

  • Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure

There changing levels in the body can alter the metabolism of our system which further can act as a precursor for developing diabetes.

  • Prescription Medications

Certain medications, if taken for long time periods, have the potential to cause diabetes.

These medications include

  • Beta Blockers And Thiazides (Blood Pressure Lowering Drugs),
  • Corticosteroids (For Autoimmune Diseases Like Asthma), and
  • Statins (Cholesterol-lowering Medications) 

How  can an EC system imbalance initiate development of Diabetes?

The EC system and its receptors are the part of the EC signaling system, which works together to regulate homeostasis in our body.

  • Insulin Resistance

There are cases when the EC system becomes overactive because of the unbalanced energy level intakes.

This imbalance of energy alters the release of adiponectin from tissues, thereby resulting in the visceral fat accumulation.

These changes can act as a risk factor for the onset of several cardiometabolic risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

  • Insulin Deficiency

In some cases of ECS being overactive, it can indirectly contribute towards the beta cell failure.

This happens because of the activation of the inflammasome in infiltrating macrophages, which results in beta cell apoptosis.

This whole process for apoptosis further causes insulin deficiency which is one of the risk factors for developing T2DM.

infographic 1 - CBD Oil for Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Source: https://bpspubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/bph.13226

How can  CBD Oil help manage Type 2 Diabetes?

CBD is one of the 100 compounds, known as cannabinoids, which are found in the marijuana plant. Oils that contain concentrations of CBD are known as CBD oils.

After the legalization of marijuana-derived pharmaceutical drug, Epidiolex, marijuana plant or CBD alone has gained a lot of momentum in the therapeutic world.

But, this is not the only reason CBD oil is growing in popularity. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce any euphoric effects.

Therefore, it is a safe method with high efficacy rates for managing a wide array of chronic disorders.

How does CBD oil act on EC system?

CBD receptors are present throughout the body, including the pancreas, which regulates insulin secretion.

CBD reduces oxidative stress, inflammation, and vascular hyperpermeability by acting as the panacea for various types of complications associated with diabetes.

A study has revealed that CBD promotes regular insulin production and sugar metabolism by reducing the excess visceral fat accumulation, thus helps in managing diabetes and its associated symptoms.

infographic 2 - CBD Oil for Managing Type 2 Diabetes

 CBD Oil for Diabetes and its Associated Complications: 

Many people still have the wrong information regarding this condition. They have misunderstood it entirely by thinking about it as a simple disorder and can be managed only by controlling glucose levels.

Instead, this is a highly complicated disorder which can result in numerous other complications if left untreated for a longer period of time.

Let’s learn about some of the associated conditions of diabetes and how CBD oil is effective in managing them as well.

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

It is a disorder that affects the eyes. In this, blood vessels of the retina get damaged resulting in vascular neuroinflammation.

This is one of the primary reasons for blindness in the western world. This disease affects more than half of the diabetic patients in less than 15 years after the inception of diabetes.

The treatment options available for managing this condition are very limited, and the available ones have very less efficacy. Also, their therapeutic potential varies drastically among different patients.

CBD oil has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Its antioxidant property has superior effects than that of other commonly consumed antioxidants like ascorbate and alpha-tocopherol.

Thus, help in reducing stress, inflammation, and vascular hyperpermeability. It also reduces the barrier degradation of coronary endothelial cells.

  • Diabetic Neuropathy

Neuropathic pain is another form of complication that is associated with diabetes. In this condition, people suffering from diabetes are unable to sense their lower extremities.

This is usually due to the insufficient blood supply to the body parts or organ systems. Thus, nerve communication gets compromised leading to an unbalanced system.

As a neuroprotectant and an analgesic, CBD reduces neuropathic pain which is coupled with protection of nerve cells from any damage or degeneration.

However, the primary benefit that makes this compound an amazing replacement is that it does not result in any form of addiction, unlike many neuropathy pain relievers.

Also, it also reduces around 30% of cases of infarcts which are formed due to the lack of blood supply in vessels.

  • Chronic Inflammation related to Obesity

Presence of large content of fatty tissues due to insulin resistance decreases the glucose metabolism in the body. This results in chronic inflammation that is linked to obesity.

CBD oil helps in managing this condition by fighting against these metabolic disorders associated with diabetes, thereby improving metabolism.

CBD, with its anti-inflammatory properties, helps to reduce chronic inflammation.

Also, it has the ability to act as an appetite suppressant. It has the potential to convert white adipose (deposited as calories) into brown one which is known to have enhanced calorie-burning efficiency.

Therefore, it will help manage the condition along with reducing the chances of becoming overweight.

  • Skin Sensitivity and Irritation

There are various situations where diabetic patients have to deal with a skin condition such as feet sores and rashes on various body parts.

CBD shows great efficacy towards healing these conditions, thereby relieving them from itching, burning associated with skin rashes.

With its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing capabilities, it effectively soothes any skin irritation or painful skin conditions.

Overall Benefits:

CBD oil improves the insulin sensitivity by lipid and glucose breakdown, thus helps in managing T2DM and its associated complications.

  • CBD oil shows 16 percent lower fasting insulin levels and 17 percent lower levels of insulin resistance which are the main reasons for insulin dysfunction.


  • It helps the body to return to functional homeostasis, thus soothes the overactive system by working with ECS.


  • CBD oil has a potential anti-inflammatory property, thus helps to treat inflammation, thereby improving the body’s metabolism.


  • Its anti-inflammatory action also helps to manage sugar metabolism, immune system, and heart-related functions.

Thus, benefits in even preventing the associated complications with diabetes.


  • CBD helps to regulate vascular inflammation, oxidative stress, and atherosclerosis which are the associated complications with Diabetes.


  • Vascular inflammation in diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in adults. Research has shown that CBD acts as a CB1 receptor antagonist, thereby preventing retinal cell death.


  • CBD slows the neurotransmission on presynaptic CB1 receptors. Thus helps in reducing the painful sensory neuron stimulation.


CBD Strains for managing Diabetic Complications:

monitoring bloodsugar - CBD Oil for Managing Type 2 Diabetes

A wide variety of CBD dominant marijuana strains are available in Sacramento which can help you manage one or the other symptom or complication associated with diabetes such as:

  • Harlequin, Cannatonic, R4 for managing painful conditions
  • AC/DC for reducing munchies, thereby helping in maintaining diabetic diet plans.

Although, Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by changing your lifestyle via controlling weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and doing more of the physical activities.

However, if you have developed this condition, then using this safe, natural broad-spectrum oil can help your body manage this condition for proper functioning.

I understand living with this condition is really tiresome. One has to schedule every little detail of their day starting from diet plans to engaging in different kinds of activities.

But, CBD oil can be a support system during this time.

Learn about the CBD products that will be beneficial for your condition or consult medical marijuana doctors in Sacramento after getting your marijuana card for proper guidance regarding various CBD dominant marijuana strains.


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