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Can You Smoke Cannabis Resin?

can you smoke cannabis resin

Every smoker, at one point or the other, has smoked cannabis residue, even though many don’t like admitting it. It’s most common when a smoker runs out of bud and can’t get more almost immediately. So what happens next? You just decide to smoke the leftovers in your pipe, at …

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Vape Pen Batteries Exploding – How to Avoid It

explosive vaporizer battery safety

Vaporizers are not all created equal but they are generally electrical. This means it can malfunction because of so many potential faults like short circuiting, falling under water, overheating and much more. One of the rare yet potentially fatal situations a vape pen can be go through is the battery …

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Vaping and Its Dangerous Ways

cannabis vapes - wax vape vs oil vape pen

There is currently a race to find out the impact of e-cigarettes on the adolescent brain. Elisa Trucco and Matthew Sutherland, psychologists from Florida International University, are leading this race due to parents being concerned. Parents want to know how vaping is going to affect their children. Sutherland and Trucco …

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How to Prepare and Market Your Own DIY E-Juice

Vape Juice - How to Prepare and Market Your Own DIY E-Juice

Maybe you love vaping so much you want to get other people jazzed on it too. Or you’re simply an entrepreneurial-minded person who enjoys launching and perfecting businesses in areas they’re passionate about. Or maybe you want to become more self-sufficient when it comes to your vaping and wouldn’t mind …

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