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7 High-Yielding Cannabis Strains You Should Grow!

7 High-Yielding Cannabis Strains You Should Grow

Growing Cannabis at home is easier as never before! At the beginning of this (New) year, California legalized the possession, use, and the growing marijuana for personal use. The Provisions of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, Proposition 64, enable adults in California to grow cannabis plants at home. The …

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Edible Cannabis Gummy Bears: A Detailed Review

Edible Cannabis Gummy Bears - Edible Cannabis Gummy Bears: A Detailed Review

Summary: Marijuana can be consumed in several ways. This blog speaks about an irresistible candy, the cannabis gummy bears, loaded with just the right amount of cannabis to ensure that the consumer experiences a wonderful happy high! Body: Marijuana or Cannabis gives people a wonderful high. But what if you …

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Common Marijuana Pests You’ll Want to Avoid

common pests on cannabis plants

Marijuana is undoubtedly one of the most abundant cash crops produced in the United States surpassing wheat and corn combined. Anyone can grow cannabis, and with its recent legalization in many states, many people are getting into cannabis cultivation. If you’re thinking about producing it, you should be aware that …

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