Cannabis Tourism: Where to Find the Best Dispensaries in L.A.

California is one of the states where both medical and recreational use of cannabis are legal, and the industry is flourishing, especially in populated cities. More than a thousand dispensaries have popped up in Los Angeles during the past two years, and the demand is high!

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a first-time user or a cannabis connoisseur, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this amazing metropolis.

Best Dispensaries in LA

We’ve gathered the highest-ranking cannabis stores below.

L.A. Wonderland

150 Venice Blvd, CA 90015

This is one of the most popular dispensaries in downtown L.A., boasting an extensive selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles, vaporizers, and accessories at great prices. L.A. Wonderland specialized in medical cannabis before recreational use became legal in California ―and now they are a fully licensed store with loyal customers.


345 N Fairfax Ave, CA 90036

Sherbinskin’s has established a cult following of devoted customers. Located in Fairfax’s fashionable district, it’s surely the place to go if your taste is on the luxurious side. Capturing your attention with a beautiful design, this dispensary will keep your interest with their famous collection of distinct high-quality strains, as well as their pre-rolls, extracts, and various accessories.


979 N La Brea Ave, CA 90038

Featuring an eye-catching colorful design, Herbarium is a popular choice for the people in L.A. This dispensary is dedicated to providing a great experience to any customer that walks through their door. They offer an extensive selection of quality flowers, tinctures and oils, topicals, edibles, and other CBD products. Herbarium’s motto is: Educate. Advocate. Elevate ―and they follow through with their staff, always happy to help with information and advise customers on legislation and best use of cannabis products.


735 S Broadway, CA 90014

There are MedMen branches all over the US, and there are six in LA to choose from! MedMen is all about quality, and they offer an impressive variety of brands, including their own signature ones, which are customer-favorites. On their website, you can find exactly what you’re looking for, browsing by strain, effect, and potency, or user experience ―and there are a lot of topicals, edibles, vaporizers, and oils to choose from.

You can get your cannabis products delivered to you or pre-order and pick them up from the store closest to you.

City Compassionate Caregivers

2235 E 7th St, CA 90023

With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis field (cultivation and sales), C.C.C. is one of the most popular L.A. cannabis stores. This dispensary offers a vast array of products, from flower and vaporizers to topicals and edibles, all of the highest quality at appropriate rates. The budtenders are very friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring that you get the best customer service. And a fun fact: this company has famously collaborated with celebrities like the Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and Snoop Dogg.

Original Cannabis Cafe

1201 N La Brea Ave, CA 90038

Located in West Hollywood, O.C.C. was actually the very first cannabis cafe to open in the United States ―hence their name. If you’re in for a more relaxed and social experience, you can visit the premises and enjoy a meal and/or beverages while browsing the catalog. Of course, due to the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the cafe is currently closed. You can still view their wide selection of flowers, pre-rolled joints, vaporizers, and edibles on their website ―boasting some exciting CBD teas and sodas- which will soon feature an online ordering option. 

Green Goddess Collective

1716 Main St, Venice, CA 90291

Located close to the beach, this is a very homey boutique dispensary with a philosophy centered on personal experience. They sell only high-quality, locally produced cannabis, which they evaluate and use themselves. The knowledgeable staff’s service is favored by customers, who can choose from an extensive selection of flower and hash, wax, oils, topicals, and vapes.

Buds & Roses

13047 Ventura Blvd, CA 91604

Buds & Roses is a premier retailer focused on their customers’ satisfaction, whether they’re regulars or visiting a cannabis store for the first time. This dispensary offers a wide selection of premium quality products, both for medical and recreational use. Their staff is especially polite and knowledgeable, making everyone who walks through their door feel at ease ―and they also offer valet parking! Their website is pretty informative and displays reviews of satisfied customers and a solid variety of pre-rolls, topicals, vapes, and flowers to choose from, based on CBD and THC potency.

California Caregivers Alliance

2815 Sunset Blvd 201, CA 90026

Located in Silver Lake ―which is not as infested with cannabis stores as other parts of the city―, C.C.A. is a safe choice as they boast over 40 years of experience and highly-trained staff. Offering an impressive selection of flowers and pre-rolls, tinctures, and topicals, as well as gummies, chocolates, and sodas at very competitive prices, this dispensary is sure to capture your interest.

MMD Hollywood

1515 N Cahuenga Blvd, CA 90028

MMD Hollywood catches your eye with its leafy storefront and then wins your heart with the most welcoming and informed budtenders, willing to tend to your needs and answer all your questions. This dispensary features high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices: hemp flower, an impressive variety of pre-rolls, accessories, drinks, and topicals, as well as products for your pets.

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