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Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pains-cbd oil tincture

Using Cannabis for Chronic Pain: Simple Pain Relief

Severe chronic pain is uncontrollable at times. If you are a patient with chronic pain and have tried every drug or therapy on the market to get relief but are not getting any, perhaps it is time to switch to cannabis treatment. This can be done by using trusted cannabis hemp oil and other methods of CBD intake. To explain further, chronic pain is one that lasts for more than 12 weeks. Unfortunately, more than 100 million Americans suffer from acute or standard chronic injuries.

What is chronic pain, and how it affects individuals who have it? Can cannabis treatment help alleviate the feeling for those who suffer from it?

What is Chronic Pain?

Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pains-chronic pain

Simply put, chronic pain is a condition where agony persists beyond the usual course of an injury or disease. The feeling can last for months, or even years! Research shows that medical cannabis treatment is an effective alternative way of treating chronic pain and safer than other options such as the use of opioid.

How Does it Affect Your Body?

The feeling is often an incapacitating condition that disturbs every aspect of life. For instance, it makes a simple activity such as tying your shoelaces into a burdensome task. Over time, the condition triggers more pain making it more difficult for the patient to handle simple tasks. In fact, chronic sufferers can even get depressed due to the constant struggle with pain.

Because the ability to withstand chronic pain is personal and subjective, it is impossible to determine the exact level of suffering that an individual experiences due to it. The levels vary from one person to another, depending on their pain tolerance. Some people eat cannabidiol hemp oil candy in order to reduce it and get some relief.

People Affected

Holding out for too long can be a real problem. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) shows that:

  • This kind of pain overtakes other issues in the US such as cancer, diabetes, and even heart diseases.
  • It is because of chronic pain that Americans avail of healthcare systems.
  • It is the most common cause of long-term disability.

The Need to Alleviate 

Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pains-mother consoling daughter

Unfortunately, millions of people are dealing every day with different types of pain. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, approximately 20% of people in the world bear one or more forms of chronic pain. Perhaps this is the reason behind people growing cannabis to create high-quality hemp oil. Some common problems include in the neck, back, TMJ disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome and more.

Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pain

It is no surprise that this is also the key reason why medicines are costly. According to pharmaceutical data, pain contributes to a $13.2 billion market. It is also one of the leading causes of lost wages in the US. The loss of productivity is due to common agonizing conditions based on a study conducted in the U.S. The productivity loss amounts to $61 billion per year. It shows that 77% of this productivity is lost due to work absence and/or reduced performance. Both direct and indirect cost of health care due to chronic pain for the US is estimated to be around $294.5 billion per year.

Opioid narcotics are used as a treatment for unbearable pain. The most common are Percocet and Vicodin. They also use Analgesics, including ibuprofen. Although opiates and narcotics are effective in relieving pain, they are highly addictive and have significant side-effects. On the other hand, analgesics do not have addictive property but are usually inadequate for reducing pain. Also, long-term usage of analgesics causes severe problems such as stomach bleeding, liver or kidney damage, etc. The best way to treat it is through cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is most commonly known by its acronym CBD. CBD has many forms. Either as cannabis oil or other forms of edibles found in cannabis products.

Why Cannabis Treatment is Effective Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pains-cbd oil and hemp leaf

Many people face the problem of chronic pain and even medicines fail to treat them well. So, what’s the way out? In this modern world of medicine, you would think that treatment for chronic pain should be readily available. Well, it is! But unfortunately, the cost of the drugs is too high. Not to mention the massive side effects that these pharmaceutical concoctions cause. You treat your feelings by the doctors orders, you end up dying due to kidney failure or due to other internal organ failures. All of these brought about by the side-effects of using those lethal pharmaceutical drugs.

Perhaps it is time to turn back to Mother Nature as she knows best. She provides everything that we humans need. To say otherwise is like saying that man knows more than Mother Nature. Besides, where do you think those Big Pharmaceutical Companies get the ingredients that they synthesize and patent to create their drugs? Keep in mind that when it involves big profit, everything gets corrupted. Over the years, cannabis treatment has turned out to be a boon for the world.

Cannabis Treatment as an Alternative Cure Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pains-Charlottes Web

A Harvard-led research conducted 28 studies on the use of cannabinoids to treat pain. The results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It confirmed that the use of marijuana to alleviate pain is supported by quality and legal evidence. The study showed that pains improved through cannabis use. It also improved the quality of life sufferers.

study in 2016 from the University of Michigan published that marijuana:

  • Reduced use of opioid by an average of 64 percent
  • Improved quality of life by 45 percent
  • Decreases side-effects of other medications

In recent past, the use of a cannabidiol or CBD oil has increased to a greater extent. Our body secretes its own cannabis-like chemicals to relieve inflammation and pains that cause severe discomfort.  Cannabis treatment adds more relief and can be the best medicine to treat pain problems naturally.

What Types of Chronic Pain can Cannabis Treatment Cure?

Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pains-medical cannabis plant

Cannabis can treat various types of issues that you are suffering from a protracted time. You can use CBD for back pain, headaches, premenstrual cycle, central nervous issues, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis. It also treats pain caused by chemotherapy and other forms of radiation treatment.

With the use of the right cannabis hemp oil brands, there are greater chances that sufferers get relief. They are able to live healthier and happier lives.

The Use of Cannabis as Treatment is a Natural Right

Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pains-Natural Rights

Cannabis treatment is doing some marvelous job in the world of health and diseases. All we have to do is give it a chance. Or more appropriately, big corporations should stay away from cannabis. The certain branches of governments that were bought and paid for by big corporations should back off. They do not care about the people, they implement made up rules and regulations that serve the interests of their corporate masters. They should stop interfering with the rights of the people. People should not allow them to demonize the wonderful cannabis plant. Governments should let the people decide for themselves how they want to utilize this beautiful gift from Mother Nature.

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