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Best Way to Consume Marijuana: Experts Views

The legalization of Marijuana in the states of United States came very gradually and to everyone’s surprise the closer the administration is going to legalize Cannabis, more and more people are talking about trying it for the first time. A recent study by Stats Can show that around 21% people of US want to consume Cannabis just to try how it feels. When we are talking about consuming cannabis, you have more than one option that always makes the decision harder to recognize the best form of consumption as every day there is something new popping out on the net which suggest consuming marijuana like never before.

The most common and old practice of consuming cannabis is smoking, but recently there has been a steep inclination towards vaporizers. When we are talking about an edible form of consumption, we practically enjoy any food with THC, CBD, CBG, or even CBN included. You also get to buy oils, sprays and much more.

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When we are discussing the form of consumption which is regarded as the best, to be very honest there can be a history of most used or most preferred consumption of marijuana but in reality, it all depends on the person who is consuming it. The best part about Marijuana is, it is not about addiction, but as a 25-year-old Stocked Scotch, it’s about pleasure. Moreover, marijuana releases happy hormones, unlike alcohol which usually takes the consumer into deep sad thoughts, making it all time favorites.

It is also about convenience, the strength you are looking for or health or price can be anything. There are many ways and many reasons to get marijuana into you like.

There are basically three categories into which we can diversify the consumption of Marijuana.

  • Ingestants
  • Inhalants
  • Others

There is more to Marijuana consumption, like the flower of the plant can be vaporized or smoked or can be consumed as an edible too. In any case, the marijuana should be heated up to decarboxylate and activate the THC and CBD, the main compounds that affect mind and body.

  • THC: It gives the people psychoactive feeling for what marijuana is known for.
  • CBD: It is known to be non-psychoactive and has a calming effect on the body.

THC is known to change the way you look at things and has the capability to even change your perception, whereas CBD is often used for treatment for pain, inflammation and neurological disorders.

Types of Marijuana:

When you are doing shopping for Marijuana, you will find out two types of Marijuana and those are:

  • Indica: It has a calming effect on both the body and the mind and is used to lower anxiety, or perfect for watching a film or for a perfect nap.
  • Sativa: It has an energizing effect and is used for creative thinking. Usually, when one goes for social gatherings or a party, it completely takes the party to some other level.

Those who know about cannabis they are pretty particular about buying one, as both the cannabis has very different functionality. This difference is so rooted in the cannabis culture that the sellers usually begin their recommendations by asking the buyer’s preference.

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This belief that indicas and sativas deliver distinct effects is so deeply rooted in mainstream cannabis culture that bud-tenders typically begin their strain recommendations by asking you which of these three types you prefer.


You can find a plenty of different ways to consume cannabis, but there are some common and most preferred ways like:

Joints and Blunts: It is also known as “left-hand cigarette” — they are usually rolled into a thin, cigarette-shaped paper. One has to light one end and inhale through the other side. It is known as the most simple and widely used method, easy to share and portable to carry with.

A Blunt is one more type of joint, where the leaves are rolled in a special kind of wrapper which is made up of tobacco.

Bongs: It is known as the king of Marijuana. They usually come in all kind of shape and sizes and has a very beautiful presence. You will find it in various places and people love to keep it as a showpiece at home, rather using it for smoking.

One of the most loved bongs is the “Gravity Bong“.In this type of bong, the contraption uses gravity to force a smoke into the holding chamber where you can inhale at your dispose of. The preparations take time but still, it is the most fun way to consume marijuana that gets you extremely stoned.

Pipes: When it comes to preparations, comparatively from joints the pipes and bowls are much quicker and easier. You will not need a tiny girl’s finger to roll the tedious paper. It is like, stuffing the weed, light it and you are good to go. The only difference you will find in a pipe or a bowl that it will taste different. The absence of paper will not smooth the flavor and that is the only difference in the carrier.

Warning: It is not recommended to consume the leftover resin that remains in the bowl. Do not be desperate to get high for the last time as it has been found that resin has a much lower THC ratio than the bud. It has a higher level of ash, carbon, and tar and you mustn’t purposely inhale them. 

Vapes: Vaporizing is one of the healthiest forms of consumption because it is less harsh to the lungs and there is a little science to it too. The smoothness of the smoke is probably the main reason why users find it healthy for lungs.

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Oral Consumption:

Oral consumptions are way different than the usual smoke and vape. It is different because the time taken to metabolize is different, and usually it takes much more time than the smoke. You must educate yourself well before trying it for the first time. Lets read more about it:

  • Tinctures: This is an option for those who want to avoid smoking or vaping cannabis into their lungs. Be aware that it is an alcohol-based cannabis extract, a very popular format of CBD. In a way it is good and it keeps control over the dose you use. 
  • Ingestible Oils: It is more like a medicine, where it is packaged into a concentrated capsule for easy digestion and can be consumed when desired. It is one of the middle grounds of tinctures and edibles that provides more control over the dosage.
  • Topical Consumption: When you are opting for Topical Consumption, it is not about ingesting. It is known for a good cure on inflammation
  • Salves and Creams: In a very less time, they have won many hearts and for all good reasons. It is an attempt to introduce people aspirants to cannabis along its potential medicinal properties as a pain reliever.

There are a lot of things, which you must be taking care of before getting into smoking cannabis. Here is the list of 5 major things, that you must take care of:

  1. Get Water Before you Puff: Once you start smoking, and the marijuana starts its breezing effect on you then you might get late to drink water, as smoking a joint is a hot affair. It will dry your throat, especially when you are not used to it. Most people end up drinking more than usual and that makes the entire effect pretty uncomfortable as marijuana tends to amplify every feeling you will get at the time of puffing hence, it is advised that you must drink a glass before you puff one.
  2. The Dose-age: Now since you are new to this, be patient. Let not the excitement override you and you end up smoking more than required. The best part of Cannabis is there is no harm in puffing more, but then you will have to handle it all alone too. There is a basic rule about pots, and that is “puff-puff-and share”.
  3. Not so Lonely: The entire experience of marijuana will be like the first ten minutes will be nothing exceptional, it will be point blank as it takes time to reach to the right place and once it reaches there then boom! You start getting the bells, suddenly you will feel a change in your mood and an increased appetite in the body. Another 15 minutes in the drive, and then you will feel like some movies show here the time is going slow. All the sense will go slow, you might even feel the nerves making noises in your head. Now all this will be hard to take for the first time, so do not be a fool to take it alone. Be with someone who knows exactly what to do and how to handle it.
  4. Go Musical: The basic idea is to uplift your mood and hence if you will fall asleep, you won’t be able to enjoy the ride, neither if you are upset or stress as sooner or later the THC factors of marijuana will uplifting the same emotions to some other level. The idea is to enjoy and have a good time, so always try to depend on music with some cheerful songs. Like Red-bull says, give yourself a set of wings.
  5. The Ending Act: You might be happy to know that unlink hard drinks, marijuana does not give you any bad hangover. You might feel bit sleepy but that it is, you will remember everything, and every little thing and thus a time to remember till you drop next.

Marijuana is indeed addictive, you must not try it every day. The key to a long and a happy life is, do not overdo something that you like. Have good control over greed and keep it occasional. It is advised to smoke indoors, and one must not drive while smoking. If you are planning to smoke it for the first time then do share a company with someone who has experience in making and smoking it. Be cautious of the dose you are inking and smoke responsibly.


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