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Best Tips for Storing Kratom

The true power of kratom as an herb lies in its alkaloids. Alkaloids are the chemical compounds that are found in kratom leaves. It’s what gives the herb relaxing, stimulating, and energizing properties. 

But, how long a product lasts depends not just on the quality of the product you bought, but also on how well you store it. Wrong environment conditions can degrade the quality by altering the nature of alkaloids. This can render your product effective.

In this post, we talk about some useful tips on how to store kratom for prolonged usage.

Storing Kratom for Daily Use

If you plan on using kratom every single day, your best bet is to go with a bunch of small plastic bags. Divide your kratom powder into small portions and pack them into these tiny bags. Then put each of them in separate containers. 

Remember, the most important step is to release the air from every bag  before sealing it. Oxygen can destroy the alkaloid content which is why you would want to press down the bags to remove the air. Some people like to use vacuum seal bags while others would use a straw to suck the air out before zipping it.

Now grab a bunch of these little bags and put them in a large plastic bin. This way you can divide your monthly or weekly dosage and safely store away the rest of it. All the kratom that you don’t plan on using every day will be safe from moisture, sunlight, and oxygen.

Storing Kratom for Long-Term Storage

The method for storing kratom for longer periods is the same as the one mentioned above. The only difference comes from the sizing of the portions. 

Here you will be creating slightly bigger portions in each bag (depending on the total kratom you have). Now put them all together in a bin or a tiny bag and safely tuck them away. You can label the bin based on the strain, form, and even month of usage.

Storing Brewed Kratom Tea

Some people enjoy kratom as a tea rather than ingesting it raw or in the form of capsules. Surprisingly you can store away kratom tea as well. It should easily last you a week in the fridge. In the freezer, you can store it indefinitely. 

As it goes with any storage method, always use an airtight container to store your tea and always place it at the back of the fridge.

Keep the tea sealed and covered to avoid the kratom from locking any unpleasant smells from other items in the freezer. Transfer the frozen kratom ice cubes from the tray into an airtight container before tucking it into the icebox.

Additional Storing Tips for Regular Usage

It’s always better to invest in a quality product, even if it’s a bit more expensive. Substandard products might cost you less but they often don’t last long even if you follow all the precautions. Quality products are hand-picked so you get uniformity with each batch. With cheap products there’s often no assurance of quality uniformity so in the end you end-up paying more. A great place to buy quality kratom is Kratom Crazy.

         • Stay Away from Sunlight

Ever noticed how curtains start to lose their color when exposed to sunlight for a long time? Imagine what it can do to herbs! The reason why you need to protect kratom or any other spice/herb from the Sun’s direct light is that the Ultraviolet rays can change the molecular structure of the alkaloids. Regular sunlight exposure can make your product lose its potency. That is why you should never place your product near windows or any place from where direct sun rays can enter the room.

         • Store in a Cool Place

If you’re storing kratom in the kitchen cabinet, make sure not to put it in a cabinet too close to the stovetop or a source of constant heat. Pick a cool place. A couple of good places are – a separate pantry area or your garage or anywhere in your basement. However, make sure there’s no dampness or moisture in the room. Once again, the humidity will set into motion a series of chemical reactions that will impact the integrity of kratom alkaloids. If you can, store it in a dark place. 

         • Avoid Contact with Powerful smells

Whether you are storing kratom in the freezer or you’re storing it in the kitchen, make sure it doesn’t come in contact with strong smells. Strong smells can often alter the taste of your kratom powder. This might put you off of it. Therefore, avoid paring it with strong smelling foods or aromas. Make sure to keep it in a neutral space as much as possible. 

  • Check Your Product Regularly

Whether you are storing it in the freezer or the usual way, it’s always a good idea to check and see if the product has developed any mold or moisture. One way to find out if the product has been impacted is by the loss of color, smell, or aroma. Often there are visible signs of decay which means something about the product has changed. It might not be safe for usage. Incorrectly stored kratom won’t last long.

         • Always Keep Your Kratom Away from Moisture!!

We already talked about how moisture can practically kill your product. Places like bathroom cabinets that are always damp and moist are a big no-no. If you’re storing it in the kitchen cabinet,  be sure to pick a place that’s always dry and moisture-free year-round. Even a drop of water can completely ruin the product. Pay special attention during the rainy season because that’s why the humidity levels are the highest.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the simple yet incredibly powerful tips you can use to prolong the shelf life of your product. You don’t need any special equipment or tools or investment. You just have to pay a little bit of attention. Small efforts can go a long way in getting you the best out of your spendings on kratom which can often be expensive.

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