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Best Stoner Gifts of 2020

Everyone, including cannabis users, loves receiving gifts from their loved ones, colleagues, and acquaintances. No one likes to receive a worthless present, even if they act like they really appreciate it. This means that a donor should always ensure that the recipient values and enjoys the gift. 

For instance, the best gift to give to a ballet dancer could be a nice pair of ballet shoes, and they would love you for it. Likewise, if you are thinking of getting a stoner a gift, then it’s important to know the right stoner gifts you can get for them. 

There are so many stoner gifts available on the market that you can get for your friends. This could create a dilemma as there would be confusion about which gift to buy. And since change is constant, the best stoner gift for 2020 might not be the best gift for 2021.

However, to help you in your quest to find the best gift for your stoner buddy, we created this guide to provide you with ideas on the best stoner gifts for 2020. 

Best Stoner Gifts For 2020

As earlier mentioned, the best stoner gifts for one year may not be the best stoner gifts for the following year. Here are some of the best stoner gifts for 2020. 

Custom Rolling Trays

Custom Rolling Trays are one of the best stoner gifts for 2020 as they make rolling easier and neat. Rolling trays provide enough rooms for rolling activities, and they ensure that stoners do not end up losing their herbs while rolling their favorite blunt. A custom image rolling tray is a tray that has the image you want on it. Rolling up on your favorite image or design is unique because your tray says a lot about you!

Weed Vape Pen

Many stoners and cannabis users prefer to consume their herbs under the radar while on the go. Unfortunately, smoking does not promote the discreteness and comfort they desire. Luckily, technology has made things a lot easier, and smokers are now adopting the use of vaporizers for discreet and convenient consumption of marijuana. So if you’re planning to give a stoner a gift in 2020, then consider getting them a weed vape pen. 

dry herb vaporizers

Subscription Box

A subscription box is another best stoner gift you can get for your loved ones this year. It exposes a stoner to the newest and greatest weed products. Some of the best weed subscription boxes to consider when planning to get one for your stoner friend include: 

  • Daily high club
  • The Puff Pack
  • Hippie Butler
  • Cannabake Box
  • Sensi Box
  • 420 Goody Box
  • Club M
  • The Weed Box

What is a Stoner Gift?

Before we dive into the stoner gift ideas, it’s essential to know who a stoner is. This is to ensure that you don’t get the right gift for the wrong person. 

A stoner or pothead is someone who frequently uses cannabis in any form. They can literally spend all day getting stoned with marijuana. Hence, a stoner gift is a present that best suits those who consume cannabis regularly.

Although marijuana is still illegal at the federal level in the US, medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states, and recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states. So if you know someone who uses cannabis frequently, then getting them the best stoner gift would be very kind of you.

Stoner gifts are grouped into the following categories. 

Stoner Gifts for Him

This category of stoner gifts is associated with masculinity. So if you have a boyfriend, brother, father, or male figure who loves consuming cannabis, then this set of gifts is best suited for him. 

Sometimes, the best gifts to give to him depends on the kind of marijuana products he prefers to consumes. It’s also vital to take note of the quality, convenience, and usability of the stoner gift you are getting for a male figure. Here are some of the best stoner gift ideas for him. 

Novelty Weed Grinder: A weed grinder is a device used for breaking or grinding dry herbs. So if he loves weed, then you could consider getting him a novelty herbal grinder. 

Vape pens: These are compact devices that provide a smooth and customized vaping experience for cannabis lovers. Vape pens come in different shapes and sizes, and they are incredibly easy to use without stress. 

Silicone Bong: If your male stoner is careless with glassy tools, but loves concentrated cannabis, then consider getting him a silicone bong. Its unbreakable material makes it perfect for long term use without the need for a replacement. Your man would greatly appreciate you for this gift. 

Secret Stash Container: Male stoners are very concerned about how to keep their marijuana supplies. They prefer to store them in a safe place where they can easily access. Getting him a secret stash container, especially the ones that trap smells, will no doubt put a big smile on his face. 

Stoner Gifts For Her

Women also use marijuana frequently but are mostly drawn to edibles, CBD products, and cannabis skincare products. This means that some stoner gifts for men are not suitable for the ladies. So what kind of gifts can you get for a female stoner figure? 

Dope on a Rope Soap: Dope on a Rope Soap or Hemp Soap on a Rope is a perfect fun gift for female stoners. You can give it to her as a thank you gift or during holidays like Valentine, Christmas, and 4/20 weed day.

As the name implies, Dope on a Rope Soap is a hemp soap on a rope. Remember to tell your friend, “not to smoke, but soak it.” It is a versatile gift and can be used as body soap, hand soap, and bathroom decoration. The soap is handmade from hemp seed oils and other natural oils like coconut oils.  Dope on a rope soap is one of the best cannabis skincare gifts you can give to a female stoner. 

Cheri Sicard’s classic book: This is a favorite book among many lady stoners. It covers many cannabis-related topics, such as the use of marijuana, cannabis culture, and many more. Being a cannabis lover, she would undoubtedly be interested in learning more about the entire cannabis culture from a woman’s perspective. 

With this book, she will learn how to parent kids as a stoner mom, how to throw a pot party, and how to prepare some delicious cannabis recipes like pot brownies. Your girlfriend, sister, mother, or any female figure will appreciate this book as a stoner gift. 

Enchanted Locking Chest: An enchanted locking chest bundle has elegant Celtic-style engravings. It is a collection of smoking-related tools like stash tins, a grinder, rolling papers, etc. Having everything she needs in one place will give her the best smoking experience. Your stoner girl or lady will also appreciate the quality craftsmanship of this smoking toolkit. 

Stoner Gifts for Christmas or 4/20

It’s an old tradition to share gifts with loved ones and colleagues during festive seasons like Christmas and 420. These are times when there is lots of celebration and jubilation everywhere. Almost everyone is happy, and exchanging gifts is part of the deal.

Christmas is an event celebrated by almost everyone in the world. So buying cannabis-related gifts your stoner loved one would show that you genuinely care about them and their needs. They will value and enjoy such gifts because of their frequent marijuana consumption. 

4/20, on the other hand, is a slang in cannabis culture for celebrating the use of marijuana. It is an American event that is celebrated annually on April 20. In other words, 420 is a national holiday known as “weed day.”

Since the legalization of cannabis is on the rise, marijuana businesses try to leverage this weed holiday to market their products, which means you will never run out of gift options. 

4/20 is the perfect day to give your stoner buddy a stoner gift. Some of the gifts to consider giving to your loved ones on weed day include Taurus, Cannabis cooking-oil infusion kit calming CBD tincture, futuristic vapes, scratch and sniff book of weed, cannabis-infused chocolates, cannabis flower cologne, and many others.

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