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Best Marijuana Strains for Those Who Stutter

As the legalization of cannabis continues to spread across the US, more and more people are giving cannabis a try for the improvement of their overall health and well-being.

There’s no denying the potential of cannabis, and people have been using this  potential for centuries. Marijuana has also found to be highly effective in reducing the effects of several types of physical, psychological, and neurological health issues and impairments.

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Centuries ago, cannabis was grown for the benefits that provide solutions to these health issues. They weren’t growing  it to get stoned, like so many people are today.

Instead, it was used as medicine. This use of cannabis first originated in Asia at roughly 500 BC. Furthermore, the rich history of cannabis cultivation in America stretches all the way back to colonists.

And, with things getting mixed up in historical records, it’s possible the use of cannabis as medicine goes back even further.

Either way, cannabis’ medical use was recognized way back in the 1830’s by a Sir William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, an Irish physician. This doctor discovered cannabis extracts were successfully providing relief for stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting in the individuals who were infected with the disease Cholera.

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Jump forward several (a big several) many years:

Scientists have finally discovered THC has plenty of great medicinal properties.

Additionally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave approval for two drugs with THC — Marinol and Syndros — to treat nausea caused by the chemotherapy treatments, and subsequent lack of appetite, in patients infected with AIDS.

It has also been recognized as being effective in the treatment of a variety of mental health and neurological issues, including anxiety and stuttering.

That being said, while stuttering and anxiety are not directly correlated, anxiety can exacerbate a person’s stutter.

More about stuttering

Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by a disfluent or broken flow of speech.

This includes sound repetitions (f-f-f-for example), sound extension (fffffor example), or blocks (no sound, no breath) of all sounds and syllables. When this happens, there is frequently also unusual and involuntary facial and body movements that coincide with the effort it takes the person to speak. Some people also call it ‘stammering.’

While the exact cause of stuttering is generally unknown, there are still four main elements that most likely contribute to someone’s stuttering.

These four elements are:

Genetics: Roughly 60% of stutters have a family member who stutters as well.

Childhood development: Children with speech, language, communication disorders, and / or developmental delays are more likely to stutter.

Neurophysiology: Relatively recent neurological studies and research have demonstrated people who stutter tend to process speech and language in a different way than people who  do not stutter.

Family Dynamics: High expectations, high amounts of stressors, trauma and abuse, and other related factors can contribute largely to stuttering.

Stuttering may develop from a combination of these four factors, or individual factors on their own. Different people may have different causes, even in similar situations and lifestyles. It is very likely that the cause of stuttering varies widely in terms of what makes it continue and / or what exacerbates it.

Although there isn’t much more information about its causes, there are more than 70 million people around the world who stutter. This makes up around 1% of the world population. Within the United States alone, more than 3 million people stutter.

Interestingly enough, stuttering affects four times as many men as it does women.

Around 75% of children who stutter will recover their fluency by late childhood, leaving only 1% with a long-term stutter.

Image 3 - marijuana strains for those who stutter

Can cannabis help stuttering?

A group of researchers in the US and Canada discovered cannabis helps treat a variety of issues and disorders, including anxiety disorders.

The Journal of Psychopharmacology published a review and discussion by C.H. Ashton. These explored the therapeutic potential cannabinoids have in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder. The report showed some patients were able to use cannabis in order to treat their manic and depressive symptoms.

That’s not all:

The study also revealed cannabinoids exert sedative and anticonvulsant effects, among others.

While I’m obviously not a medical professional, I have definitely experienced the effect of marijuana for those who stutter.

It makes a significant difference in speech fluency.

Image 3 - marijuana strains for those who stutter

When bad speech days strike, they can often be reduced and tamed through the use of cannabis. Marijuana makes people drowsy and helps them to relax and chill out. When they consume cannabis, their brain releases two major chemicals in your brain: anandamide and dopamine. These both relax your mind and body, something that can help affect fluency.

When it comes to finding the best marijuana strains for those who stutter, there are some key strains that have proven to be especially effective.

These were tried and rated in terms of effectiveness by individuals who stutter.

Using marijuana for stuttering

Ultimately, the goal of speech therapy is to ensure fluent communication, and that any related difficulties do not prevent the speaker from getting across what they want to say. These difficulties should not encumber the individual, even in the event there is still some stuttering left in their speech.

Those who stutter are often able to make positive changes to their cognitive reactions and functions, speech abilities, and communication abilities. In the end, these individuals  are able to communicate effectively, even if they are not entirely fluent.

The correlation between cannabis and stuttering appears to be a complicated one. For some people, just a few puffs off a blunt will provide unrivaled relief of stuttering, stress, and speech disfluencies.

Unfortunately, there are some people who do experience anxiety and exacerbated speech issues after consuming cannabis.

This isn’t unusual:

Generally, this can be chalked up to the marijuana strain’s THC content. When looking for the best marijuana strains for those who stutter, it seems to be best to stick with low-THC, high-CBD marijuana strains. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of marijuana strains for those who stutter that are actually rich in THC.

That being said, it’s still a good general guideline that the best marijuana strains for those who stutter are going to contain a lower concentration of THC. At the same time, they’re also going to have a higher concentration of CBD.

These are based off the experiences of those who stutter, but each individual is different. That’s why you should test the effects of each strain you try on a case-by-case basis, especially since it is something that can affect your speech patterns.

Start out with a few hits, and then see how it affects you before you enjoy some more.

The first step to choosing the best marijuana strains for those who stutter is to recognize your cannabis tolerance. The second step is testing and sampling different strains to figure out which marijuana strains best suit your specific disfluency.

This guide is intended to help you discover something new as it highlights the marijuana strains to look for the next time you take a trip to your local dispensary.

Best Marijuana Strains for Those Who Stutter

Strawberry Banana – Good Earth

strawberry banana - marijuana strains for those who stutter

Strawberry Banana is an indica dominant hybrid from Good Earth, created from a cross between the insanely popular Strawberry Bubblegum x Banana Kush strains.

Strawberry Banana eases you into a euphoric, yet peaceful state of mind as it urges your body to let go of all the stress and tension it holds. It’s the perfect strain for sinking down into a full-body relaxation, yet still maintaining mental clarity and focus. Plus, it tastes AMAZING!

In addition to being incredibly delicious, the Strawberry Banana strain from Good Earth is one of the best marijuana strains for those who stutter.

THC: 25.5%
Price: World of Weed has Strawberry Banana for $10 (1g) and $30 (3.5g), in addition to some $8 2-pk (1g) of pre-rolls.

Dat Cookie Dough – Hang Roots

dat cookie dough - marijuana strains for those who stutter

A sativa hybrid fairly high in THC is usually a major case of “hit or miss” when it comes to speech disfluency; they can cause racing thoughts that exacerbate a stutter than that relieve it.

However, Dat Cookie Dough is different from the rest in that its euphoria tapers off slowly and gently as its blissful calm and physical relaxation effects build.

THC: 20.7%
World of Weed carries Dat Cookie Dough by Hang Roots for $12 (1g) and $35 (3.5g); Origins West Seattle has the strain for $10 (1g) and $30 (5g); Kush 21 offers two different versions of Dat Cookie Dough with the hybrid priced at $12 (1g) and $130 (14g), as well as the sativa being available for $35 (3.5g) and $250 (28g).

Critical Mass

critical mass - marijuana strains for those who stutter

For those who are sensitive to THC, I recommend one that’s a bit lower on that concentration and higher on the CBD. Critical Mass is one of those strains, produced by crossing Afghani x Skunk #1.

This strain has a CBD profile that measures in at around 3.71%, compared to the average 14.1% – 22% THC. This ratio helps dull the anxiety that may edge its way in, as well as makes speech patterns slow down a bit. With the physical relaxation and clear-headed high, Critical Mass is one of the best marijuana strains for those who stutter.

What those who stutter had to say:

“I have a hard time handling THC, and tend to get way too high. And then I get all anxious, which makes my stutter a million times worse and way more obvious. Critical Mass had just enough CBD to curb the THC content, and it proved to be a great combination! It helped slow my speech and I didn’t stutter nearly as much – – all without the usual anxiety I get from weed!”

THC: 14.1% , CBD: 3.71%
Price: Emerald Leaves has the Critical Mass strain for $12 (1g) and $40 (1/8th)

Girl Scout Cookies – Varied

girl scout cookies - marijuana strains for those who stutter

There’s another Cookies strain that definitely deserves the spotlight as one of the best marijuana strains for those who stutter.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

This is one strain that has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards, and has definitely earned its reputation for having huge amounts of THC.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How is that possibly going to make GSC one of the best marijuana strains for those who stutter?

Because science.

There is a naturally occurring compound in your brain called anandamide, that is a lot like THC. It plays a huge role in creating blissful, euphoric calm, as well as with memory and communication.

When you take into account the fact THC has the ability to rejuvenate and replenish these compounds to offer a variety of therapeutic benefits, it’s easy to see how Girl Scout Cookies can offer relief as one of the best marijuana strains for those who stutter.

What those who stutter had to say:

“Honestly, I was hesitant to try such a high-THC marijuana strain to help with my stutter. Usually, it makes it worse. But, I took a couple of dabs of this strain the other day, and was immediately relaxed and at ease. My speech was fluent and even on into the next morning, with a much lower level of difficulty and blocks. Definitely worth a shot for anyone looking for marijuana strains for stuttering.”

THC: 25.6%
World of Weed has Platinum Girl Scout Cookies by THCBD for $15 (1g) and $45 (3.5g) ; they also have a Girl Scout Cookies pre-roll (19.1% THC) by Good Earth for $8 (1g) for a 2-pack.

Canna Tsu – Varied

Canna Tsu - marijuana strains for those who stutter

As much as I enjoy my THC, I know not everyone out there wants to get all stoned whenever they have a bad speech day. Fortunately, CBD-rich strains like Canna-Tsu exist to help you maintain mental clarity as you medicate and take advantage of the therapeutic benefits cannabis has to offer.

Canna-Tsu is a therapeutic hybrid cannabis strain that was produced from two CBD-rich parent strains, Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. The sweet-earth flavors of the strain’s lineage comes through with each hit, complementing the subtle notes of citrus aroma that pour out from the Canna-Tsu nugs.

While it’s rich in CBD, the Canna-Tsu strain does still have some THC. However, it’s a very balanced hybrid that ultimately produces a relaxing, smooth communication effect that makes it one of the best marijuana strains for those who stutter.

THC: 1.0% ; CBD: 23.5%
The Gallery in Tacoma has the Canna-Tsu strain by Liberty Reach for $49 (3.5g)

What those who stutter had to say:

“Hands-down, this is one of the best strains I’ve ever come across for stuttering. I didn’t want to get stoned before going to a job interview, but everyone who stutters knows how totally horrible and difficult job interviews are. I rolled up a blunt with some Canna-Tsu, and I was SUPER relaxed and just overall comfortable and content with everything in life. It made my speech come through a lot easier, and I only stuttered a few times. Mainly, just the common one of saying my name. But, there was a significant difference between not smoking this (or smoking something else) and using the Canna-Tsu strain to help with my speech. Without a doubt, this is one of the best marijuana strains for those who stutter, and I honestly can’t recommend it enough.”

Strawberry Cough – Agrijuana

strawberry cough - marijuana strains for those who stutter

Stuttering is tricky:

You want to find a strain that help you stay alert and able to fluently communicate, but nothing that’s so stimulating that your sentences feel like they’re running away from you as you exude a rushed awkwardness.

I get it.

Strawberry Cough is one of the best marijuana strains for those who stutter, as it manages to play that delicate game of juggling energizing and relaxing, making it easier to speak fluently without feeling like you’ll have blockages or sound repetitions.

This one works great in a vape pen, so you can medicate as appropriate to keep your speech as fluent as possible.

THC: 69.8%
PRICE: World of Weed has the Strawberry Cough oil cartridges by Agrijuana for $15 (0.5g)

BONUS: THC or CBD Essence Tablets – Green Labs LLC

These terpene-rich, full-spectrum, all-natural cannabis extract Essence tablets by Green Labs LLC are the solution for those who want to medicate, but aren’t exactly able to smoke at the moment.

The Essence tablets are all high-quality, full-flower, and strain-specific tablets processed with only the best of organic, food-grade ethanol alcohol. Nothing is added but totally pure plant cellulose.

When you use these Essence tablets for managing speech disfluency and stuttering, you’ll be able to remain confident in knowing you get an accurate dosage and cleanest, significantly most consistent experience possible.

Find balance in your speech, in your mind, and in your body. Check out these Essence tablets. They make a huge difference and, while they’re not flower, these are some of the best marijuana strains for those who stutter.

Final Thoughts

Explore some other cannabis strains lists, or check out my large (and always growing) collection of cannabis strains recommendations to find one that’s right for you.

Or, try to manage fatigue with these coffee and cannabis strains pairings that will help put a pep in your step, so you can start your day off right.

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