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Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)

In the context of marijuana, there is a lot of stigma revolving around its usage. The first thing that comes to mind for many people when they hear cannabis is drug abuse. Some recreational use cannabis extracts are notoriously known to be more potent than raw marijuana, but when considering cannabidiol, it is entirely free of intoxication.

For decades, people had been using marijuana to cure common symptoms. This is a side of marijuana that is not widely publicized in today’s media. It was discovered that CBD is the single most crucial component in the cannabis plant with incredible health outcomes. Recent scientific studies on people and animals have brought to light multiple health complications CBD oil can help solve.

Many states are reforming laws to allow the medicinal use of the drug. This creates room for more researchers to contribute to the already existing applications of CBD.

This article outlines some of the remarkable benefits.

Where Does CBD Come from?

Cannabis plants are differentiated by their THC content. Those with higher levels are known as marijuana strains, while those with low levels, optimally below 0.3%, are known as hemp. CBD is extracted from hemp, where it is most prevalent. it is the second-highest in content in marijuana plants. Nevertheless, it could also be extracted from marijuana and added to a carrier oil such as coconut oil.

CBD is preferable for its natural attributes and no severe side effects, except when combined with other drugs such as valproate. Pure CBD may cause harmless side-effects such as increased sleep and appetite, which are beneficial in some instances.

Benefits of CBD

  • Epilepsy

CBD is prominent for controlling and in some cases treating seizures caused by Lennox Gastaut and Dravet syndromes. These syndromes are highly resistant to other treatments. 

So far, this is the surest CBD treatment backed by extensive research. Besides, the FDA approved the use of Epidiolex, which is pure CBD, in epilepsy treatment for people aged 3 years and above.

  • Pain Relief

Chronic pain relief is one of the oldest uses of cannabis. CBD consumption causes a relaxing effect that eases pain. It also reduces inflammation by preventing the emission of compounds that cause it. 

This observation is supported by a 4-week study conducted on 29 leg peripheral neuropathy patients. It was later observed that those who took CBD experienced less pain without incurring any side effects.

From its inflammation-reducing effects, CBD oil can also help reduce acne. It reduces the production of sebum, an oily, waxy substance responsible for acne.

  • Drug Addiction

CBD inhibits the stimulation of the brain section responsible for addiction. Tobacco is one of the most addictive substances that cause severe dependency. Cigarette smokers can take CBD to help reduce cravings. This goes a long way to help quit smoking. 

This claim is backed by a scientific study conducted in 2013. Smokers were given random inhalers that they would use whenever they craved a cigarette. It was then observed that those who used inhalers with CBD cut smoking by 40%, an effect that lasted beyond the experiment.

  • Depression and Anxiety

CBD helps reduce anxiety, especially when addressing crowds or in unnerving situations. The relaxing effect of CBD helps minimize anxiety triggered by anticipation of such instances. 

Drowsiness is one of the most prevalent side-effects of the drug, which helps users manage depression. People experiencing depression sleep more easily after taking CBD oil.

THC, on the other hand, increases anxiety. Unlike other drugs, CBD is considered safer as it does not cause any short term or long-term side effects. CBD oil is also used to treat insomnia. However, the proper doses to treat anxiety are not yet determined as even 600mg of CBD could have minimal effects on anxiety.

  • Managing Cancer

Claims that cannabis helps manage cancer symptoms is one of the groundbreaking news that drew the attention of many people worldwide. Most researches are conducted with the hope of finding a possible use of cannabis to reverse cancer symptoms. 

Although some manufacturers claim their products mitigate cancer symptoms, no scientific evidence has been brought forth to prove this. In fact, some of them have run into problems with the law for such unsubstantiated claims. 

Nevertheless, CBD reduces the growth of cancer cells by promoting their destruction. Its pain-relieving and anxiety reduction properties also help patients cope with the disease.

Final Word

Although cannabis is viable for medicinal use, its use remains dependent on the laws of individual states. As the applications for cannabis components increase, it gives hope for safer alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. CBD will play a vital role in this promising future. 

About Cannabis Twenty-Four Seven

We here at Cannabis Twenty-Four Seven aim to share all the information that we can about the wonderful plant marijuana, a gift from Mother Nature. This plant has long been demonized and we believe that it is the right of all people to choose their kind of medication. Having this wonderful plant regulated and prohibited by the powers at be is a clear sign that the world is not free. We still abide by those ridiculous man made (by madmen) laws that curtail our freedom to commune with Mother Nature in order to protect the financial interests of their corporate masters. It is time, FREE THE MARIJUANA PLANT!!!

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