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We here at Cannabis Twenty-Four Seven aim to share all the information that we can about the wonderful plant marijuana, a gift from Mother Nature. This plant has long been demonized and we believe that it is the right of all people to choose their kind of medication. Having this wonderful plant regulated and prohibited by the powers at be is a clear sign that the world is not free. We still abide by those ridiculous man made (by madmen) laws that curtail our freedom to commune with Mother Nature in order to protect the financial interests of their corporate masters. It is time, FREE THE MARIJUANA PLANT!!!

Canna Bumps: Are They Real?

canna bumps

Ever since weed became legal across some states in the US and countries around the world, we’ve seen several innovations in the industry, some of which include new ways through which users can consume cannabis. One of these recent developments is Canna Bumps. What are Canna Bumps? Cannabis Bumps are …

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Lookah Seahorse Pro vs Atmos Electro

lookah seahorse pro vs atmos electro

Any serious dab enthusiast will likely add a nectar collector to their collection at some point during their journey. However, given the sheer innovation that has occurred since these products were introduced, it can be hard to find the right dab straw, especially if you’re torn between two excellent products …

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5 CBD Oil Products & What They Are Good For

cbd oil

The hemp flower stores several properties that work perfectly for medicinal use. Due to this discovery, products containing their properties have been implemented, and the oil that emanates from its seeds is considered the best organic CBD oil.  The proven benefits of Hemp Flower have allowed the plant to be introduced …

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