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A Full intake of THC with Honest Marijuana Company’s THC Capsules

Many cannabis lovers are looking for a new way to get a full dose of THC without having to eat an edible (which converts THC into a THC-derivative with sedative values) or smoke, which is dangerous, bad for the lungs, outdated, and inefficient. The Honest Marijuana Company eco-conscious cannabis company solved this dilemma with their latest innovation! They are about to launch double jacket THC capsules that have two methods of consumption. It is a pill inside of a capsule, so you can just swallow it or open the THC capsule and then place the pill in water, shake it up, and drink it for an even quicker effect!
THC Capsule
This is a very discreet, effective, efficient, and clean new way to consume THCAfter working with a European company that has patent-pending technology over the last year and a half, Honest Marijuana Company now has the ability to turn non-water-soluble substances like cannabinoids into nano-size for the cleanest, most efficient, healthiest, and most inconspicuous cannabis consumption. These new nano-size THC capsules are sure to change the face of the marijuana market. 
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