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14 of the Best Rolling Papers Available in 2020

Rolling papers are the traditional way to enjoy Cannabis. Even though there are a lot of other options that have evolved over the past few decades, for some smokers, there is nothing that beats tradition. There is still something about grinding down your dry plants and rolling them in papers to achieve a perfect, cone-shaped joint before lighting up that keeps smokers rolling on. 

In addition to keeping the tradition alive and well, using rolling papers and rolling their joints remains one of the most conventional, and to some smokers, therapeutic methods of partaking in dry herbs. 

What Are Rolling Papers? 

Rolling papers are what smokers use to roll their dry herb manually. This method allows you to create your cigarettes so that you do not have to buy pre-made cigarettes. Rolling papers are made of special paper that is strong enough to hold your herbs while rolling but also porous enough to control the burn rate. 

Each brand of rolling papers come in different sizes and weights to accommodate a range of preferences. These options are great if you know what you like, but for people who are still learning their options, it can be hard to know the best paper to buy. 

Fortunately, this is why this mini-guide came to fruition: To help you find the right rolling paper for you by showcasing the best 14 rolling paper brands available in 2020.


There are many reasons why someone decides to use rolling papers instead of buying pre-made cigarettes. Here are just a few of the principal and universal reasons smokers love to use rolling papers:

  • Rolling papers are cost-effective.
  • This method offers full control of your smoking experience.
  • Once mastered, rolling papers are simple and can be quick to use.
  • You have the option of buying flavored rolling papers or just enjoying the pure flavor of your substance.

The Best Rolling Papers

Even in something as traditional as rolling papers, manufacturers always manage to add something new. Every year there are more modern and possibly better variations of rolling papers. So, here are 14 of the best rolling papers available in 2020:


Raw is a supreme rolling paper manufacturer, as their products are all made out of 100% natural plant materials. This method allows you to enjoy the herb’s natural flavor without enduring any artificial flavor from the rolling paper. 

Plus, Raw natural rolling papers are known for their smooth and even-burning speed. Raw products are branded their unique CrissCross watermark, which is available in many different size and style options.

Moreover, raw also offers a full line of rolling products, such as trays, filters, rolls, pre-rolled cones, and more.  


If you were looking for a gleaming smoking experience, you want to try Shine Papers. Shine rolling papers are hemp-based but are also blended with an illustrious 24k edible gold coating.

In addition to having the shiniest herb at the party, you will also enjoy a slower burning rate and a higher-quality smoking experience.

Juicy Jay

If you’re a smoker that enjoys a plethora of extra flavor, you should give Juicy Jay’s rolling papers a try.

Juicy Jay offers rolling paper products that have a range of over 32 different flavors. With this rolling paper manufacturer, you’re not just getting a hint of flavor; you are getting power-packed flavor in every hit.

Every flavor manufactured by Juicy Jay goes through a triple-dip system so that each rolling paper fully absorbs and retains its robust flavor. 

Additionally, Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are comprised of natural materials, such as hemp, natural sugar gum, and natural soy ink.


Odet Cascadet Bolloré (OCB) was started in 1822 and has worked diligently to maintain its reputation for producing quality smoking products. OCB began to rise to popularity and notoriety in 1950, as at the time, 135 billion cigarettes were being rolled with an OCB paper product worldwide. Nearly 200 years later, OCB is still manufacturing revered, “classic” and “premium” smoking papers. These signature OCB products are both chlorine-free and are known for their slow-burn. Additionally, each one of OCB’s rolling papers is endowed with a “watermark” to indicate that they are a genuine OCB product.

Randy’s Paper

Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers are the only rolling paper currently available that comes with a wire handle to hold them as they burn. This dandy Randy’s Wired Rolling Paper invention aims to help prevent the risk of burning your fingers while enjoying your herb of choice. The wire that Randy’s Paper uses is non-toxic stainless steel, which makes the rolling process easier!


Zig-Zag rolling papers are iconic, as they started their business in 1879, and the manufacturer has continued to craft quality papers for nearly a century and a half. This brand isn’t going anywhere, and there are plenty of smokers that swear by the Zig-Zag product guarantee of continuously premium products.


Elements rolling papers are popular and preferred by many smokers because they are crafted entirely from 100% natural materials; rice and sugar. Another exciting facet of this unique rolling paper brand is that Elements do not produce ash as they burn. The only remnants left behind after the slow burn is the caramel created from the sugar gum.


Benji rolling papers are enriched with the design of a $100 bill and give the impression that you are smoking money. Of course, Benji rolling papers are only a novelty item, but that doesn’t mean they will not get noticed. Beyond the Benji rolling paper products’ materialistic facade, is entirely organic materials, which guarantees the clean and slow burn that has aided in Benji’s popularity.

Big Bambu

Big Bambu is one of the oldest rolling paper manufacturers that are still in operation today. Big Bambu began in Spain in the year 1764. Due to its worldliness, age, and notoriety, Big Bambu rolling papers give off a high-class air, while also leaving smokers highly satisfied. This brand is also great for smokers that enjoy the original taste of their tobacco or herbs; the natural gum sealer extracted from an African Acacia tree has no artificial additives.


Aleda rolling papers are made in Brazil, and they are renowned for their thin and transparent nature. When you smoke cigarettes rolled with Aleda rolling papers, you will experience the natural taste and allure of 100% biodegradable cellulose. There are no chemical compounds at work, so Alda rolling papers are wholly safe and tasteless.

High Hemp

High hemp has gained notoriety for being the first manufacturer to produce completely natural, green rolling papers. High Hemp rolling papers are made of 100% organic hemp materials and use a dehydration system called “flash dehydration,” to conserve the chlorophyll present within the hemp plant. Thin, natural, and enjoyable High Hemp rolling papers burn slowly to accentuate and preserve the taste of your chosen substance.


Rizla’s rolling papers and smoking products are available throughout more than 120 countries worldwide. This popularity is in part because Rizla offers a quality product for an affordable price. Additionally, Rizla is known for its vast range of sizes and thicknesses. Thickness indicates the cigarette’s burn-rate, with thinner papers like the Black and Silver Rizla+ burns slow and the much thicker Orange and Liquorice Rizla+ burning fast. Smokers have a range of preferences, and Rizla strives to offer a solution for every one of them.

Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp rolling papers are hailed as the leading rolling paper manufacturer in Barcelona. Made by Miquel y Costas y Miquel, Pure Hemp rolling papers are made of 100% natural materials. One of the most impressive features is the gum line, which is harvested from an African Acacia tree. With such a natural substance, its no wonder it is regarded as one of the best rolling papers, not only in Barcelona but throughout the world.


The Bugler brand is an oldie, but a goodie. Bugler first came out with its rolling paper in 1932 but has managed to roll its way to the top and maintain its popularity for nearly ninety years. Recent surveys back up Bugler’s rolling paper claim to fame, as it is one of the top 3 manufacturers in the United States. 

However, Bugler has made a few adjustments through the years to help their rise to the top. One of the significant changes is that Bugler eventually switched to using thinner papers. It is this willingness to adapt that has helped them maintain their esteem.

In summation, while many advancements were made that have moved away from traditional rolling papers, there is also a plethora of rolling paper advancements. You have options now, and the aforementioned rolling papers are the best that are available in 2020.

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