10 Tips to Avoid Dehydration After Marijuana Use

If you ever smoked weed, you know that cotton mouth feeling that comes right after you make your first hit. Some people compare it to a feeling of having soap bubbles in their mouth, some say it feels like having a bunch of cotton in there. Either way, this feeling makes you want to drink some liquid, but does that mean you are dehydrated? You’d be surprised to learn that weed does cause some minor dehydration in some cases and that your body knows its stuff when it tells you to drink more. 

A tricky thing about cannabis dehydration is that it can produce some negative effects upon the user. Nothing too dangerous, but you surely do not want to get a headache just because you are dehydrated to a point where your blood vessels start to shrink. Dehydration, whether cannabis-related or not, is not a good thing, so it is best to avoid it at all costs. Today, we are going to discuss some tips on how to avoid dehydration after smoking weed. 

1. Use Lip Balm

Dehydration has many symptoms, and it can affect all the parts of your body and not just give you a cotton mouth. Your lips can go dry really fast, which is an undesirable outcome for most people, especially if you are a passionate kisser. That is why it is always a good idea to bring some lip balm to a smoking sash and use it, so your lips don’t go too dry. Taking care of your hydration takes much more than just having a drink, so you should definitely care to use some additional measures to deal with weed dehydration. Your body requires care, so give yourself some care and make sure you are never high and dry.

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2. Use Eye Drops

Same as with your lips, using eye drops is critical for keeping the entirety of your body hydrated. Again, if you are an experienced smoker, you probably know that feeling of dry eyes all too well. Not only do your eyes go dry, they also go red, which is a dead give away. Care to buy yourself some eye drops before you smoke weed and use them to prevent dryness and redness. These little things help you to not only enjoy your high but also to avoid any possible negative outcomes that can influence your experience in a negative way. 

3. Drink Juice

Drinking juice is always a good idea, whether you are high or not. Of course, we mean natural juices, not those terrible packed sugary juices that have nothing to do with actual fruits. If you care to go as far as to make yourself some fresh juices before your smoke, you will do yourself a huge favor. Natural fresh juices contain vitamins and all the good stuff that improves your health in so many ways. They are also a great source of fructose, which is essential for your body’s healthy functioning. Besides, there’s water in your juices, which is the main remedy for all sorts of dehydration, so you should never ignore the essential meaning of fruits and juices for your health and hydration. 

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4. Water’s Fine But Not Tasty

Having too little water in your system is always a bad thing, that’s for sure, and you should always care to throw enough liquid in so you don’t go thirsty. The consequences of not drinking enough water can be threatening to your health, and depending on your personal characteristics, even to your life. Smoking weed causes your body to lose some water, which can produce negative outcomes such as headaches. Some people even report a sort of a marijuana hangover, which they compare to an alcohol hangover. One of the primary reasons for alcohol hangover is dehydration, which you could probably notice if you ever had a rough morning after a rough night of drinking. Weed hangovers are not frequent, but they can also occur if you did not drink enough water or any liquid. Of course, water is boring and tasteless, but if you don’t have many options in that area, it is best to just drink your water just to stay on the safe side. 

5. Avoid Sugary Drinks

Though it is often popularized in the media and spread by word of mouth, it is actually not a good idea to drink sugary drinks while you are high. You can often hear people say that sugary drinks like Pepsi are good for when you are high, but they are actually wrong. These drinks are good for when you want to get sober faster, which might be the case for when you get a bad trip or need to clear your head up ASAP, but they are not good for casual high drinking. In fact, sugary drinks make you feel even more thirsty, which can further contribute to your weed dehydration. Apart from these reasons, there also are other reasons to avoid sugary drinks altogether, such as the damage they produce upon your teeth, digestive system, and the heavy contribution to the obesity rates. 

6. Eat Some Fruits

Eating fruits is also a great idea. They are tasty, packed with fructose, and are full of liquid. Fruits are great because they are healthy, tasty, sweet, and just all-around great for your body. That is why it is best to eat some fruits to have a great time while high. Cut some pineapple, get some berries, oranges, bananas, and whatever else that you love to eat and enjoy your fruity and healthy trip. If you eat enough fruits, you don’t even need to get any drinks because your body will get all the necessary liquid from the fruits you consume.

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7. Avoid Salty Snacks

Salty snacks are tasty and all, that’s for sure, but they might not be the best idea for when you want to avoid dehydration. Of course, it depends on the type of snacks you eat: eating some nuts might be fine because they are nourishing and healthy, but if you stick to potato chips as your snack of choice, it might be a good time to reconsider your choices. Most stoners, unfortunately, prefer unhealthy snacks that are terrible for their health, so you might want to stick to fruits instead. 

8. Take A Bath

Most people don’t realize that drinking water is not the only way to replenish your body’s liquid requirements. In fact, your entire body is a huge sponge that absorbs liquid from the environment at all times, so the only thing you lack now is square pants. Your skin, being the biggest organ of your body, absorbs liquid from the environment all the time, and if you submerge yourself in water, your skin will absorb some of it. Of course, it’s not like you can suck in a gallon of water just by laying in a bathtub, but still, you can absorb some liquid through your skin. 

9. Don’t Mix Weed With Heavy Alcohol

As said earlier, smoking weed dehydration might be somewhat similar to alcohol dehydration that leads to a hangover afterward. So, mixing weed with the heavy alcohol is like doubling down on your health but with no chance of winning anything. Basically, you add up the effects of two substances forcing your body to lose even more liquid in the process. If you mix weed and drinks, my guess is that you want to get smashed like a dog and don’t really care anyway, but let me tell you, it is much better to just smoke weed, relax, and just have a good time than mix it with alcohol, vomit for the remainder of the evening, and wake up praying for a fast and painless death. 

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10. Don’t Smoke Too Much in One Go

As much as with all the good things in life, they are only good to a point, so it is always smart to enjoy weed in moderation. Do not smoke too often and too much as it does not make the effect better. The best idea is to smoke like once or twice a month, but it is everyone’s personal choice. If you smoke to much weed in one go, you risk dehydrating yourself even more, which can produce all the negative effects we’ve already discussed. So be smart and enjoy your weed in moderation. 

Wrap Up

Smoking weed is a deeply personal thing for every user, some smoke to have fun, some smoke to relax, some smoke because of health issues, and you can have your own reasons to smoke it. Regardless of your reasons, you need to be cautious about how much you smoke and how you smoke. Avoiding dehydration during your sashes is not too hard, but you should always keep some caveats of this process in mind to make it right. Use the tips we offer and enjoy your high time!

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