CBD for Treating Pain

CBD Benefits

CBD is booming. Many studies are being done and more and more evidence of the power of CBD is emerging. Not only do researchers see that CBD can have many positive influences, but the CBD users themselves also write positive reviews on the internet of the use of CBD. In …

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Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)

What is CBD

In the context of marijuana, there is a lot of stigma revolving around its usage. The first thing that comes to mind for many people when they hear cannabis is drug abuse. Some recreational use cannabis extracts are notoriously known to be more potent than raw marijuana, but when considering …

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All You Need to Know About 4/20

420 Cannabis

Four-twenty designates cannabis culture’s favorite number to purport activities around the plant. Like alcohol has happy hour, cannabis also has its trusted hour of the day to consume. People can celebrate the number synonymous with marijuana at 4:20 PM from across the globe. But each year, on April 20th, it …

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Electric Dab Rigs – The Definitive Guide

Electric Dab Rigs

A dab rig is a pipe specifically designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrate. You may also hear the terms oil rig, vapor rig, or concentrate when referring to a dab rig. Similar to the way a bong functions, dab rigs filter the concentrate vapor through water at its base, making for …

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Different Types of Bongs – The Definitive Bong Guide

Different Types of Bongs

Water Bongs have been the chosen favorite amongst herb enthusiasts for many years. These popular water pipes are loved for their beautiful designs, usability, and sturdiness.  Bongs work by filtering smoke through water. From the moment you light the bowl and inhale, smoke travels through the downstem, a tube that …

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Canna Bumps: Are They Real?

canna bumps

Ever since weed became legal across some states in the US and countries around the world, we’ve seen several innovations in the industry, some of which include new ways through which users can consume cannabis. One of these recent developments is Canna Bumps. What are Canna Bumps? Cannabis Bumps are …

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Lookah Seahorse Pro vs Atmos Electro

lookah seahorse pro vs atmos electro

Any serious dab enthusiast will likely add a nectar collector to their collection at some point during their journey. However, given the sheer innovation that has occurred since these products were introduced, it can be hard to find the right dab straw, especially if you’re torn between two excellent products …

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